Iron Age

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'3 p ' "'88 ° ' on 00 8' ' 5 Cincinnati Brace Wrenches ----~25& back perforated..........
.......81.90 we" Buck t3,calvanized Steelmuslc Wire' 2 to 3 ' Hg ...

Year Book Of Dermatology And Dermatological Surgery 2012

Author: James Q. Del Rosso
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323089593
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There were 87 women (range 21-69 years old) with FPHL enrolled with normal
androgen levels, thyroid, iron, and ferritin levels. ... G. K. Kim, DO J. Q. Del Rosso,
DO Acne fulminans: explosive systemic form of acne Zaba R, Schwartz RA,
Jarmuda S, et al (Poznan Univ School of Med Sciences, Poland; New Jersey
Med School, Newark) J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol 25:501-507, 2011 Acne
fulminans ... with the acute onset of painful, ulcerative nodules on the face, chest
and back.

Sussex Archaeological Collections Relating To The History Antiquities Of The County

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Distribution by age groups: 5 4 3 2 r 1 — *- its — ti — rt — m — 2*3 — a — ft — a
— 5b" Proportion of carious teeth: total erupted teeth — 1 1 :282 —3.9% GRAVE
GOODS (by G. K. Craddock) The majority of the graves in the cemetery were ...
Very corroded. Length 9.9 cm. Tanged iron knife broken into three pieces. Back
curves gently towards the point. Straight cutting edge. Very corroded. Length 10.0
cm. Iron nail. Length 4.5 cm. Fragment of iron, probably cylindrical in section.

The Modern Cemetery

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(A. B.), 75o year; 20c copy. American City, The, (Am. C), New York, $2.00 year;
25c copy; back numbers, 25c. American Florist, Chicago (A. F.), $1.00 year; 5c
copy. American Homes and Gardens, New York (A. H. G.), $3.00 year; 25c copy.
... G. K., $4.00 year; 50c copy. Good Roads, New York (G. R,), $1.00 year; single
copy, 10c. Horticulture, Boston (Hort.), $1.00 year; single copy 5c. House
Beautiful (H. B.), Chicago; $3.00 year; 25c copy. House and Garden,
Philadelphia (H. G.), ...

Railway Times

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G. K. MILLS, Secretary. Paddlngton Station, London, 15th May, mo. G R E A T ..
WESTERN RAILWAY COMPANY. Norton is hereb given. that, ursnant to the
StaudiugOrdersof arli ment.aSPE IAL GENERAL MEETING of the Propr etors of
this .... LEIGH and BACK. 2.. so. Cheap Excursion Tickets from Stations on the
Metropolitan and District Railways to Southend=onSea,viii Tilbur Company's
router ' r ' ARTH 'R L. STRIDE, Managing Director. SOUTH INDIAN ' RAILWAY

The Oil Weekly

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George compalins that the last time we mentioned him, we let it get out that
he_camc to Houston by side-door Pullman, which he says is a mistake. The
reason we did so was that George has expressed a profound dislike for a corn
cob pipe, which the editor smokes. and we've got to have some way of coming
back at him. C. I. Greene, special sales' representative for the Sunshine State Oil
& Refining Company of Wichita Falls, is making an extended business trip
through the North and ...

Infa Press And Advertisers Year Book

Publisher: INFA Publications
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Gen Inf Mg Ed G. K. Kothari. Cir. Not received. VYAPARI MITRA; Mar Mthly; Rs
1.50 (Annual Subs Rs. 12); 901, Budh- war Peth, Poona-411002; Ph 22349. Ad R
: Fp Rs. 400, Hp Rs. 200, Qp Rs. 100; 1/8 p Rs. 150 per ins; 4th C Fp Rs. 600; Hp
300; Qp Rs. 150 per ins; 2nd & 3rd C: Fp Rs. 500, Hp Rs. 250, Qp Rs. 125 per ins
... IRON & STEEL TISCO; Eng Qtly; Rs. 12; Tata Iron and Steel Co Ltd.
Jamshedpur; Ph 4728; Gr TATAIRON. ... 400; Hp Rs. 250; Inside C Rs. 50Q; Back
C Rs. 6Q0.

The Iron Age

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Tool Co., Handonifs, $15000 dos 10$ R i. Tool Co Leglrons SZBOOFdos 10$ ed'
k'éh'd lin' . sass... shed. I? dos $48.00- Nickeied, ' a Hllmds Polished. u dozsb e
ed.i84.oo..... soynton's Noon Parlor Pride Stove Yates' Liquid. 2 50gal. 1' gal ".
0030 .70 .00 Yates Standard Paste Polish. 104: Jet Black Japanese. . Fireside .....
.. .Dlamond O. K. nnal '1 Liquid gr - ......1' 's Paste Stove Polish“? gro .00 Black
ilagle Benzine Paste. b and 1 .. .. . 12K¢ cans .... . . glickel glam Paste .. own gros

Technical Association Papers

Author: Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry
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The amount of iron should not exceed .02 per cent. The second point was that of
the residue of dirt and a definite amount should be specified there. The method
worked out very well as proposed last year. G. K. Spence: \\'e do not use crown
filler. The retention was so low that we ... In the analysis of the soda ash six of the
eight reported back on the Solvay method, and their results varied from 51.78 to
52.06, and the other methods ran from 50 to 59. In each case those using the
Solvay ...