Author: Josh Blackman
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1610393295
Size: 24.52 MB
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Unprecedented tells the inside story of how the challenge to Obamacare raced across all three branches of government, and narrowly avoided a constitutional collision between the Supreme Court and President Obama.


Author: Josh Blackman
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107169011
Size: 74.15 MB
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This legal thriller provides the definitive account of the battle to stop Obamacare from being 'woven into the fabric of America'.

A Conspiracy Against Obamacare

Author: R. Barnett
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137363738
Size: 39.63 MB
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Hereishow thatpoint is made in my Wall Street Journal interview a few weeks ago
: Suchamandate is unprecedented: “This is the first time inAmerican history that
Congress has claimed touse its poweroverinterstate commerce to mandate, or
require, that every person enter ... Professor Magliocca'scontention that “[it]'
sajurisprudential wash”—like Tim Jost's latest referenceon Politico to “the
closenessofthe case”—is a major concessionthat the constitutional challenges
areserious.Indeed ...


Author: David E. Bernstein
Publisher: Encounter Books
ISBN: 1594038341
Size: 10.20 MB
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In Lawless, George Mason University law professor David E. Bernstein provides a lively, scholarly account of how the Obama administration has undermined the Constitution and the rule of law.

The Last Line Of Defense

Author: Ken Cuccinelli
Publisher: Crown Forum
ISBN: 0770437109
Size: 33.35 MB
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Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli leads the historic fight against the unprecedented overreach of the federal government.

Anti Obama Book

Author: David Nordmark
Publisher: David Nordmark
ISBN: 1481254960
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recognized this, which is why, even when they have disagreed with individual
court decisions, they have never stooped so low as to challenge the very
legitimacy of the court. And make no mistake ... Obamacare .This is
whattheformer part time instructor of constitutional law said: Ultimately, I am
confident that theSupreme Court willnot take what wouldbean unprecedented,
extraordinary stepof overturning a law that was passedbyastrong majority
ofademocratically elected Congress "

Florida Law Review

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This is why the general acceptance of our claim that the individual insurance
mandate was “unprecedented” was so crucial to the unexpected legal success
we enjoyed. Accepting our claim that the mandate was unprecedented placed
the burden of justification on the government. Which brings me to a second tenet
of ... Heller,” which was argued and decided on originalist grounds,” in our
challenge to the ACA we made no originalist claims whatsoever. But the original
meaning of the ...

The Worst President In History

Author: Matt Margolis
ISBN: 9780692310915
Size: 21.42 MB
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All of these facts are now at your fingertips in a single source. The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama is your ultimate guide to Obama's real record - the record he'd like history to forget.

The Corruption Chronicles

Author: Tom Fitton
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451677898
Size: 70.24 MB
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This book details how the Obama machine is aggressively employing Chicago-style tactics to steal, if necessary, the 2012 elections.