Tom Gates Is Absolutely Fantastic

Author: Liz Pichon
Publisher: Scholastic Canada
ISBN: 1443133663
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Because I've always wanted a pet! This fifth book in the award-winning Tom Gates series is packed with cheeky antics and hilarious doodles.

The Breeder S Gazette

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Pearsall and Thomas Foster have established large and excellent herds of
Hereford cattle. ... The services of Mr. (Yulbertson's remarkable two-yearold
Bowdoin 8579 were secured last summer for a number of the best. cows in the ...
12.869 13 48,158 2 5.354 CATTLE—The course of the market durirg the week
under review was generally satisfactory to the selling interest. ... 2.75 fig) 3.75
Butcher stock—Poor to choice cows, heifers and mixed stuff, all weights,
according to quality .

Illustrated Times

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It is recorded in the “Ductor Dubitantium" of Jeremy Taylor, among other finely-
drawn cases of conscience, that once at Ludlow, ... The best t at Mr. Hopley can
do vvith_it, now, is to take an honest mop and a pail of whitewash and prime_the
... he is; and, though he has an odd, bluff English air when he means to be most
Spanish, there is good stuff in his pictures. ... young, strong, and of 'good friends 2
” 'ho, “ Simon Shadow, his mother's son,” and just substantial enough to fill up a
line ...

The Examiner

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Principal INNEFORD'S PURE FLUID MA GNESIA an excellent remein for
Aoidities. ... Gout. and Indigestion; as a. mild aperieut it II admirably adapted for
Females and Children—Dinneford and using ... The original and extraordinary
Panorama of LONDON, painted by Mr Parr-is, is exhibited, with the other
splendid fee. tum ... 'riie PRESENT LECTURES are on the CHEMISTRY of the
MINERALS at the Great Exhibition. including the Precious .... Halifax, stuff
merchants—T. W. and ll. .1.

Spirit Of The Times And The New York Sportsman

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'On II. D. was John Lawlcr, whose wins Tear'away and "M, D. atBt'. liyucinthc, and
many other haul-thlr ht' races, liad 'ven ... I would rather best Tom Oliver by a
head for the Liverpool National than be Judas Iscariot, or -—-—, or, well say,. ... It
is sickening to hear some people talk of turf an turfnien,*\vlicn perhaps the only
thing“ they ever persons ally heard item ... Excuse me, I baulked, and now I come
at my leap—beat down, illuddogs well under mo—uwayifor the race. ,, No one,
who ...

The Illustrated London News

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Harper, Đavid, Netherend, Cradley, Worcestorshire, beers-tier io, Thomas,
whentity, Yorkshire, fancy on monotarar. ... Appleyard, C., Saville, J. E., and
Ashworth J. and, N., Wheatley, fox, Yo'kshire, fancy-stuff manufacturers. ... 11-18,
signify the Episcopal Churches of England and America, either virtually or
formally united 2 The numbers .... ARTER'S COLLECTIONS OF GABDEN SEEDS
for 1868 will produce a supply of the best W bles “all the year round,” made .....
George, salt.rr-gate.

British Boys

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owner, exclaiming : 5 What About Securing One of the Three Beautiful Framed
Pictures Given Away Every Week 2 British Boys. ... It is an excellent trait in any
lad's character, and I do not know of a jollier and more pleasant method of
occupying one's spare ... + MERRY HARRY asks me whether I consider it a
proper thing to give school. masters nicknames. ... A nickname is often a sign of
good-fellowship, and, indeed, of affection, and I venture to think that every other
boy and girl in the ...