The Spirit Of Japanese Law

Author: John Owen Haley
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 0820328871
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The Spirit of Japanese Law focuses on the century following the Meiji Constitution, Japan's initial reception of continental European law.

Comparative Law

Author: John Henry Merryman
Publisher: Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender
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or THE UNITED STATES (2d ed. 2002) from the Kluwer Law International series (
13 volumes); JOHN OWEN HALEY, THE SPIRIT or JAPANESE LAW (1998) from
the University of Georgia Press Spirit of the Laws series (8 volumes); and
IE ITALIAN LEGAL SYsTEM (1967). The indispensable guide to foreign
legislation is ...

The Spirit Of Missions

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It is true that they have done some things of late, which enlightened friends of
Japan regret. They have ordered the repair and restoration of some pagan
temples, and they have enacted very severe press laws. No less than thirty
editors and correspondents of the newspapers have been sentenced to fine and
imprisonment, for criticising the proceedings of government or the conduct of
officials, in the course of the past year. GOOD THINGS DONE BY THE
GOVERNMENT. On the other ...

Congressional Serial Set

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These unfortunate persons, by thus acting, would have rendered themsels'es
liable to capital punishment if the Japanese government, actuated by sentiments
of humanity, had not waived the enforcement of the laws which make their ... that
the day is not far distant when laws of religious toleration must replace the laws of
barbarous fanaticism which are still in force, but, on the other hand, he is too well
acquainted with his country and the spirit of its aristocracy to compromise the
future ...

The Spirit Of Laws

Author: Charles de Secondat Montesquieu (baron de)
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It would be contrary to reason, that the law should stigmatize the children for what
it approved in the father. AU these children ought theresore to succeed, at least is
some particular reason docs not oppose it, as in Japan, where none succeed but
the children of the wise given by the emperor. Their policy demands that the gists
of the emperor should not be too much divided, because they subject them to a
kind of ser- Tice, like that of our ancient siess. CHAP. VI. Of laws in relation to ...

Japanese Education Since 1945

Author: Edward R. Beauchamp
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131746706X
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During the Meiji Restoration, precisely at the time when the Imperial forces were
battling the shogunal forces in the woods at Ueno, that pioneer Fukuzawa
Yukichi was calmly telling his youthful followers about the future path of Japan.
Fukuzawa knew the trends of international affairs and perceived the future of the
homeland, and he embraced great hope and joy. Today's educators must take a
similar attitude. Let us look at the life of [Johann] Pestalozzi, the man celebrated
as the saint ...

On Understanding Japanese Religion

Author: Joseph Mitsuo Kitagawa
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9780691102290
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Edicts Concerning Shinto (finfji-tyd) Under Chinese influence, Japan during the
seventh century became a nation governed by a series of laws, which were
promulgated in the form of imperial edicts. One of them was the ... Celebrated at
the crossroads outside the capital; the kami of the crossroads entreated to keep
out evil spirits. Hishiznme festival: ... 15 For a fuller description of the Jiuai-no,
see George B. Sansom, "Early Japanese Law and Administration, Part II."
Transactions of the ...

Educational Laws And Regulations In Japan

Author: Japan
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INTRODUCTION. Here comes out the Series No. 1 of the English version of a
Collection of Educational Laws and Regulations in Japan. The present series
contains the new Japanese Constitution and the Fundamental Law of Education.
It goes without saying that in her ... Law of Education. In the last-named Law is
expounded in more details the spirit contained in the Constitution, for the purpose
of establishing the fundamental standings of the education of the new Japan.