The Cobra Trilogy

Author: Timothy Zahn
Publisher: Baen Publishing Enterprises
ISBN: 1618244493
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going to take months at the minimum, or else Bai was an exceptionally athletic
man . . . and if there was one thing Jonny knew for certain, it was that he himself
hadn't been selected for this group because of any innate gymnastic abilities.
Apparently the Army was getting set for a long, drawnout conflict. On the dais, the
hologram had again changed, this time marking several sections in red. "Cobra
offensive and defensive equipment," Mendro said. "Small lasers in the tips of both
little ...


Author: Timothy Zahn
Publisher: Baen Publishing Enterprises
ISBN: 1625794339
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"The blue is a ceramic laminae which makes all the major and most of the minor
bones unbreakable, for all practical purposes. That, along with some strategic
ligament strengthening, is half the reason Ceethree Bai was able to pull off those
ceiling jumps without killing himself. The nonlaminated areas you can see are
there to allow the bone marrow to continue putting red blood cells into the system
." Another touch on the comboard and the piebald skeleton faded to dull gray,
forming a ...

Why Did You Come If You Leave Again

Author: Conradin Perner
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1524571873
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feel proud to have killed it, on the contrary, somehow I felt sorry for it. The red
spitting cobra killed by Kwacakworo became the big news of the day. Everybody
wanted to have a look on the reptile. Its size was apparently extraordinary. Few
people remembered to have seen something similar before. The king was very
proud of me. “All the Nuer will now be crying,” he said. “This type of snake is
called lwal. The Nuer don't kill it. The red cobra is highly respected by them. One
of our clans ...

Corvette Racing

Author: David Kimble
Publisher: Motorbooks International
ISBN: 0760343438
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There were four 206 Sting Rays inthe race, along with numerous solid— axle
Corvettes, and Dave MacDonald was the first to get away in Don Steve's white
Z06, with Bill Krause in the red Cobra soon catching him up. Dave was able to
keep the Cobra behind him for several laps, but after the first hour, Krause was
leading by more than a mile when a rear stub axle broke ending the Cobra's
impressive debut. GM Media Archive With big—block hood bulges still two years
away, the ...

The Path Of Chaos

Author: H. T. Martin
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781456822552
Size: 70.62 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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We go through all the basics of the fighting style she's trying to teach me. It's
called the Red Cobra Style. It focuses on short, quick, and powerful jabs. This is
just the first fighting style of many that I'll have to learn, my dear sister informs me.
After an hour of trying and failing to keep up with Tara we, thankfully, stop. “Go to
the blacksmith's now. I'll be waiting for you when you get back. We need to
meditate and balance our chakras before we can continue yesterday's lesson.”
She sits ...

Venomous Snakes Of The World

Author: Mark O'Shea
Publisher: New Holland Publishers
ISBN: 9781847730862
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Black-necked spitting cobra Naja nigricollis This snake is Africa's largest spitter,
capable of spitting 10ft without raising its head or hooding. lt occurs throughout
tropical Africa, excluding rainforests. Those in the West and Central African
savannas are black with red throat bands while a brown form occurs in East
Africa. Two former southwest African subspecies are now treated as species and
it is likely that further species will be described Range: Sub-Saharan Africa from
Senegal to ...

When Last Seen Alive

Author: Gar Anthony Haywood
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1453252932
Size: 44.67 MB
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“You wanna cut to the chase, save us both a little time?” Gunner finally asked. “
How much are you looking to make here? Give me a number.” “Going rate for
names and addresses today is twenty-five,” the clerk said, without hesitation. “
That's all I needed to know. Have a nice day.” Gunner turned to walk out. “Hey,
what's your hurry? We're negotiating!” Gunner never turned around, just stepped
out of the office and started moving toward his car, the red Cobra convertible
parked right ...

Dreams And Self Development

Author: Ann Aaboe Bengtsson
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
ISBN: 8771707646
Size: 32.92 MB
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As she wakes up, she sees /experiences /dreams that there is a red cobra
standing by her bed. It is gigantic, its head raised as snakes often do (The Red
Cobra). The kundalini snake usually lies curled up at the bottom of the spine, but
when it rises through the spine, it stands up as she discovered. The snake was
also red – the color of the Root Chakra – so there is no doubt about that it was the
kundalini snake she saw. When you are in contact with such forces, dream and
reality ...

Dead Ball Foul

Author: Kayla McGrady
Publisher: The Overmountain Press
ISBN: 9781570721335
Size: 56.47 MB
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and the white number on his jersey reflected in the sun. It was very probable that
the outcome of the AA Division 3 Virginia State Championship game rested on
the shoulders of number 22. Luke's fingers cut off the blood flow to my hand as
they squeezed harder than ever, his chant changing to "Catch it, catch it. ..." And
then the ball fell from the sky, right through the leaping grasp of the red Cobra
and directly into the ready hands of Joe Taylor. A scream arose from the student
section ...

The Red Dragon

Author: Clifford Gissell
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1603131450
Size: 52.34 MB
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The Light Observation helicopter dropped down to tree top level, swung south,
circled to the north of the camp and headed to the border. Staying low he flew
directly over the 142nd company and continued south. 'Widowmaker,' the callsign
for the Cobra gunship, circled overhead at fifteen hundred feet, waiting. The LOH
flew directly over the enemy soldiers facing the recon troops. They looked up,
startled; he was gone before they could react. A few seconds later the red smoke