The London Stage

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Send your answer (and let it be immediate) to me, at Sir Clement Flint's house.
Your's, fyc. Sec. •'Henry Clifford." Sir C. Our French friend is the man to deliver it,
and to bring the answer. I am going home; you'll overtake me. [Ext7. Enter
Chignon. Clif. (Sealing the letter.) You come apropos, monsieur. (Gives the letter
with an air of mystery.) Have the goodness to put this letter into Miss Alton's own
hands. Chig, ( To himself. ) Mademoiselle Alton ! Peste ! My trick has not passed.

The London Stage A Collection Of The Most Reputed Tragedies Comedies Operas Melo Dramas Farces And Interludes

Author: London stage
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London stage. Sir C. And then— Clif. We lose tbe intemperance of oar
inclinations in tbe sense of what is right. Sir C. (Aside.) Sententious impostor! Bat
to tbe point. Cttf, Sir, I won Id please you if I could. I am thinking; of a scheme to
restore ... Sir Clement Flint's House. Enter Lord Gayville and Sir Clement Flint.
Lord G. I am resolved to see Miss Alacrip no more. Sir C. And I hope you are
prepared with arguments to justify the cause of this breach to me and to the world
. Lord G. For my ...

The New York Mirror And Ladies Literary Gazette

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“No,” said Flint, “but—” “You have the money in your pocket, sir; you were paid off
to-day. My time is short.” Here he bent over towards Flint, and glared upon him,
as the poor man, with trembling hands, drew forth his pocket-book and fumbled
with its contents. A ten dollar bill fell on the table. Immediately a monstrous bony,
brown, and freckled hand, with nails long, hooked, and black, was spread over it;
and in the next instant the guest had thrust it in his pocket. He drew out a
crumpled ...

The Knickerbocker

Author: Charles Fenno Hoffman
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Or, New-York Monthly Magazine Charles Fenno Hoffman, Lewis Gaylord Clark,
Timothy Flint, Kinahan Cornwallis, John Holmes Agnew. M. Page. PAGE. The
Sacred Mountain. By J. T. Heapler, 79 Mr. MANNING's Ramble: a Tale of the Past
, 60 The Enthusiast. By L. WARD SMITH, ... 103 Modern Illustrated Books: in a
letter to the The two Brothers of China: A Tale. By S. Bolton, -----------------------------
--- 169 JULIEN,----------------------...---- 112 Morning Life. By an Old Contributor, ......
262 ...

The London Journal And Weekly Record Of Literature Science And Art

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And you think that I would—flint I could—boar to stand in the 'way of his
heppinem, and place my unloved self, whom he supposes, and gladly supposes,
dead, between him and the woman he has possionalcly lovod for ten years !” . “
No—no, my lady; she may have passionnfoly' loved him for ten years, but ho has
never loved her—never loved but one: that one you. If they ever do marry, it will
be her will, her love, not his, that will bring it about; but, oh, I do hope, my lady,
when you are ...

Religion In Mississippi

Author: Randy J. Sparks
Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi
ISBN: 9781617035807
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Journal of Southern History LVI (November 1990): 665-94. -. Ghosts of the
Confederacy: Defeat, the Lost Cause, and the Emergence of the New South,
1865 to 1913. New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1987. Foster, L. S.
Mississippi Baptist Preachers. St. Louis: National Baptist Publishing Co., 1895.
Fox-Genovese, Elizabeth. Within the Plantation Household: Black and White
Women of the Old South. Chapel Hill and London: University of North Carolina
Press, 1988.

Chamber S London Journal Of History Literature Poetry Biography Adventure

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As a writer in the Constitutional Magazine has well observed, “There is
something mysteriously impressive in the preparatory assemblage of swallows
and other birds, when on the point of their annual departure. We see them
wheeling high in the air in multitudes, filling the evening sky with the music of
their voices : and this occurs three or four days, and then all disappear. We miss
their twitter on the house and tree-tops—we miss their joyous and agile motions
when on the wing : no ...

The Illustrated London News

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Coleridge's mistake was a compliJment after Hood's own heart; for no one had a
higher admiration for Charles Lamb than the real author of the “Odes and
Addresses to Great People. .... With their bows under, Joan is as ood as my lady
—a Dutch galliot as a Rhode Island water witch. ast Purfleet they swept in noble
array, the Mystery a good cable'slength ahead of everything; the Widgeon next;
then the Blue Belle, with such a gaff-topsail, and the rest well up, because the
pace had not ...