The Lost Laws Of Ireland

Author: Catherine Duggan
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This book gives an outline of the main features of the laws and their history, and ultimately focuses on certain themes that are significant to the modern reader, such as equity and fairness, transparent legal process and women's rights.

The Lost Distilleries Of Ireland

Author: Brian Townsend
Publisher: Neil Wilson Publishing
ISBN: 1906000093
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To give the Corn Laws their due, they were at first widely welcomed, as they
initially did save many farmers facing ruin and encouraged Britain to become
more self-sufficient in grain during the Napoleonic Wars. And, then as now,
protectionist legislation usually goes down well among those it purports to protect
. Forty years later, however, the Corn Laws were to have deadly consequences
for Ireland. Another effect of the 1779 Act was that it strengthened the hand of the

52 George Iii To 4 George Iv A

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Subject-matter. omission. Page. 54 Geo. 3. (cont.) c. 82. - || Auction duties, Ireland
- - | Rep., 8 & 9 Vict. c. 15. s. 1. - c. 83. - Exchequer, Ireland - - - Rep., Stat. Law
Rev. Act, 1873. C. : - || Michaelmas quarter sessions, England- Re S - L Re Act
1870. ... Importation, &c. - - - ow c. 112. - | Fever hospitals, Ireland - I} lost Law
Rev. Act, 1873. c. 113. - || Site for Record office, Ireland - -( §do o s. 1. c. 114. - ||
Insolvent debtors, Ireland - - - c. 115. - Burning of land, Ireland - ..} Rep., Stat. Law

Poverty And The Poor Law In Ireland 1850 1914

Author: Virginia Crossman
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 1846319412
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Most of the assistants, Vice-Guardian William Burke commented, were drawn
from the infirm class and could not be compared with properly trained paid
nurses, 'because they belonged to the lost class in the community, and of course
would be only anxious to do the least possible amount of work they could take on
their shoulders'.34 Many ratepayers would probably have agreed with Burke's
assessment, but it was a rash remark to make publicly. Indeed his comments
appear to have ...

The End Of The Irish Poor Law

Author: Donnacha Seán Lucey
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 1784996734
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Jones, G., and E. Malcolm (eds), Medicine, Disease and the State in Ireland,
1650–1940 (Cork: Cork University Press, 1999) Kelly, L., Irish Women in
Medicine c.1880s–1920s: Origins, Education and Careers (Manchester:
Manchester University Press, 2012) Keogh, D., Jack Lynch: A Biography (Dublin:
Gill & Macmillan, 2008) Keogh, D., F. O'Shea and C. Quinlan (eds), Ireland: The
Lost Decade in the 1950s (Cork: Mercier Press, 2004) King, C., and C.
McNamara, The West of Ireland: ...

A Treatise On The Stamp Laws In Great Britain And Ireland Being An Analytical Digest Of The Statutes And Cases With Practical Observations Thereon

Author: Hugh TILSLEY
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But secondary In Pooley v. Goodwin (r) the defendant, who was an architect, and
entitled to receive certain per-centage on the money expended in a certain
building, gave the plaintiff, to whom he was indebted, an order to receive a
portion of the money due to him; the plaintiff proved that the order had been lost,
and was allowed to give secondary evidence of it, by means of an affidavit, made
by the defendant, in which it was set forth; the Court presuming that it was duly

Tort Law In Ireland

Author: Paul Ward
Publisher: Kluwer Law International
ISBN: 9041133321
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Where a plaintiff is rendered wholly unfit for any employment, this will be reflected
in the damages awarded. Likewise, where a plaintiff is physically injured, the
courts have acknowledged that such a plaintiff can engage in employment
without affecting his or her earning capacity.1 Where the injury to the plaintiff
curtails the working life of the plaintiff by a number of years, the plaintiff is entitled
to be compensated for the lost income from employment.2 Equally, where there is
a possibility ...

Medical Law In Ireland

Author: Deirdre Madden
Publisher: Kluwer Law International
ISBN: 9041134328
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Law Intl. 4 (1999): 1–21. 321. In Ireland, the Powers of Attorney Act 1996
provides that a person may appoint another as decision maker in case of the
donor's subsequent mental incapacity. Prior to this, the affairs of a person who
lost mental capacity were managed by the wardship procedure,1 which still
applies in the absence of an enduring power of attorney. Under this procedure
the committee of the ward (usually one person) is given limited powers to act in
relation to the ward's ...

Ireland S Trees Myths Legends Folklore

Author: Niall Mac Coitir
Publisher: The Collins Press
ISBN: 1848890885
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These laws are found in the eighth-century legal tract Bretha Comaithchesa or
the Laws of Neighbourhood, but they may ultimately derive from an earlier, and
now lost law tract Fidbretha or Tree Judgements, which is mentioned in a work
dating from the seventh century. The laws recognise a hierarchy of four classes of
trees or bushes: the airig fedo or nobles of the wood, aithig fedo or commoners of
the wood, fodla fedo or lower divisions of the wood, and losa fedo or bushes of
the ...

The Law Of Landlord And Tenant In Ireland

Author: Hamilton Smythe
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In a case already mentioned, where the lease containing the covenant was lost,
memorials of renewals made by tenants for life, having no power to make such
renewals, were ad(*) 7 W. 3, c. 12, Ir., per Greene, C. C. 140. Serit., arguendo l
Law Rec. 3rd (v) Baynham v. Guy's Hospital, series, Eq. 128, in Nangle v. Smyth;
3 Wes. Jun. 294; Iggulden v. May, and see the first issue granted at the 9 Wes.
Jun. 325; Moore v. Foley, 6 hearing of that cause, ib. 140. Wes. Jun. 237 ; Ball v.