The Lombard Laws

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Here presented for the first time in English are the law codes of the Lombard kings who ruled Italy from the sixth to the eighth centuries. The documents afford unparalleled insight into the structure and values of Germanic society.

The Laws Of The Salian Franks

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Following the collapse of the western Roman Empire, the Franks established in northern Gaul one of the most enduring of the Germanic barbarian kingdoms.

The Languages Of Gift In The Early Middle Ages

Author: Wendy Davies
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the conscious link between launegild transactions and Lombard law. Not
everyone in Lombard Italy lived by Lombard law; people claiming to live by
Roman law (whatever they understood by the term) remained a substantial
minority in the kingdom throughout our period, and so, after 774, did people living
by Frankish (or Salic), and more rarely Alemannic and Bavarian, law. Nearly
every one of the Piacenza launegild transactions says 'according to my Lombard
law' or similar, ...

The History Of Commercial Partnerships In The Middle Ages

Author: Max Weber
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Instead, such a person participated in, or gave credit to, a single undertaking in a
particular individual maritime enterprise, for maritime trade is not a uniform
activity but a series of individual undertakings, each with its individual risks. The
Lombard Laws and Maritime Trade Such a risk, which according to the conditions
of trade at the time was the biggest factor that had to be taken into account, had to
be shared among those who in some function participated in the undertaking.
How to ...

The Chronicle Of San Juan De La Pe A

Author: Pedro IV (King of Aragon)
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MIDDLE. AGES. SERIES. Edward. Peters,. General. Editor. David Anderson.
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Ehrhart. The Judameni of the Trojan Prince Paris in Medieval Liserature. 1987
Patrick ...

The New Cambridge Medieval History Pts 1 2 C 1024 C 1198

Author: Rosamond McKitterick
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Very different was the attitude of the Beneventan jurist Carolus de Tocco, who
compiled a definitive commentary on the Lombarda around 1215 in which he
referred continually to Roman law. Though the Lombard law of northern Italy was
superseded in the thirteenth century by city statutes and the ius commune, it
lingered in some of the former Lombard areas of southern Italy into the late
middle ages. Again in the twelfth century, the decisions of north Italian feudal
courts and the ...

Law And Authority In The Early Middle Ages

Author: Thomas Faulkner
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Literacy in Lombard Italy, c. 568–774 (Cambridge, 2003). 'How territorial was
Lombard Law?" in: Pohl, W. and Erhart, P. (eds.), Die Langobarden (Vienna,
2005), Forschungen zur Geschichte des Mittelalters 9, pp. 345–60. Ewig, E., “Das
Bild ... and Fouracre (1995), Property and power in the early Middle Ages, pp. 53
–81. Freculf of Lisieux, Historiarum Libri XII ed. M. Allen (Turnhout, 2002),
Frechulfi Lexoviensis episcopi opera omnia. Corpus Christianorum. Series Latina

The Corpus Iuris Civilis In The Middle Ages

Author: Charles M. Radding
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What makes these documents particularly interesting is that some of them,
including the earliest (1085), were drafted on behalf of clients under Lombard law
—this despite the clear statement in Liut. 57(58) that such acts were to be
annulled by the courts. Nor was this simply an error: a later (1099) document in
the series explicitly justifies the use of Roman procedure to override Lombard law
by invoking Wilihelmus' dictum that Roman law is the lex universalis.102 A final
indicator of the ...

Images And Ideas In The Middle Ages

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Another law of his is directed expressly against the cupidity and injustice of
princes.37 All this, of course, presupposes a situation very different from that of
the late Roman or early Byzantine Empire and reflects the struggle between
aristocratic factions in the Visigothic kingdom. Beside Spain it is Italy where the
clearest traces of the Justinian ideology of the renewal of the old law can be
found. Beginning with the Edict of Rothari, there is a series of Lombard laws
which are A. K. Ziegler, ...

The Most Benignant Grace

Author: Donald S. Gillespie
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The entire sixth chapter of Paul's Epistle to the Romans deals fully with the
doctrine of our legal and moral incorporation into Christ Law and Politics in the
Middle Ages (1975), p37, W. Ullmann The Inheritance of the Common Law (1950
), R. O'Sullivan 12th Century Decretal Collection and Their Importance in English
History (1963), London, Historical Studies Series Some Makers of English Law
by Sir W. Holdsworth and The of English Law by Justice Maitland Vol I, p.174
Western ...