The Legal Epic

Author: Alison A. Chapman
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022643527X
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Helping to fill this gap, The Legal Epic is the first book to situate the great poet and polemicist John Milton at the center of late seventeenth-century legal history.

Dissertation Abstracts International

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The next three chapters describe the development of the Habesha medieval epic
Kebra Nagast and how its legend of ... "Sufficient to have stood, though free to
falF': The parabolic narrative of free will in "Paradise Lost". ... Adviser: Wendy
Wall Order Number DA3331093 This dissertation traces the meaning and scope
of early modern complaint poetry. ... institutionalized practice, and that this mode
of literary expression was itself shaped by the evolving legal discourse of

The History Of Ideas Medieval And Early Modern Europe

Author: Jeremy L. Tobey
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196 Kelley, Donald R. Foundations of Modern Historical Scholarship: Language,
Law, and History in the French Renaissance. New York ... 84 "The Rise of Legal
History in the Renaissance." History and Theory 9 (1970):174-94. 92 Kelley,
Maurice. This Great Argument: A Study of Milton's "De Doctrina Christiana" as a
Gloss upon "Paradise Lost. ... W. P. Epic and Romance: Essays on Medieval

Single Imperfection

Author: Thomas H. Luxon
ISBN: 9780820703732
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The OED cites Tomlin's Law Dictionary, where "criminal conversation" appears
as a legal term for adultery. Early modern usage in general, as the OED citations
indicate, suggests that "conversation" served to denote the broadest possible ...
his suggests a rhetorical, even a political strategy similar to the one Stanley Fish
argues pervades Paradise Lost: ... is an early instance of the tendency James
Grantham Turner detects in the epic poem — to try to "redeem" concepts and
actions ...

Publishers Weekly

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English literature — Early modern (to 1700) — Bibl. ... 821 .4 Milton's epic poetry:
essays on 'Paradise lost' and 'Paradise regained'; ed., annotated reading list bv
C. A. Patrides. ... in England: illustrating the changes of the laws in the progress
of civilization, written from the public records and other contemporary evidence.

The Riverside Milton

Author: John Milton
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin College Division
ISBN: 9780395809990
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The word "Law" is almost always capitalized throughout the tract, as are other
related legal terms such as "Canon," "Commonwealth," "Magistrate," and "
Minister," but the word "mariage" almost ... Halkett, John G. Milton and the Idea of
Matrimony: A Study of the Divorce Tracts and Paradise Lost. ... Allegorical Poetics
& the Epic: The Renaissance Tradition to Paradise Lost. ... Oxford: Clarendon P,
1987. Vinovich, J. Michael. "Protocols of Reading: Milton and Biography." Early
Modern ...

Family Ties Political Fictions

Author: Su Fang Ng
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The Legal Position of English Women under the Early Stuart Kings and the
Interregnum, 1603-1660. Chicago: Loyola ... In Rewriting the Renaissance: The
Discourses of Sexual Difference in Early Modern Europe, ed. Margaret W. ...
Gough, J. W. Fundamental Law in English Constitutional History. Oxford: ... The
Reformation of the Subject: Spenser, Milton, and the English Protestant Epic.
Cambridge: ... Milton and the Idea of Matrimony: A Study of the Divorce Tracts
and Paradise Lost.

Historical Abstracts

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Modern history abstracts, 1450-1914 ... Scholarly debate over the character of
Gerrard Winstanley's theories of crime and punishment in The Law of Freedom in
a Platform ... "socialist totalitarian" intent on establishing a rigid legal system in
support of his Utopian vision for a reformed English nation. ... Journal of Medieval
and Early Modern Studies 1997 27(1): 77-101. ... Compares Dante Alighieri's (
1265-1321) Divina Comme- dia and John Milton's (1608-74) Paradise Lost,
noting their ...