The Futility Of Law And Development

Author: Jedidiah J. Kroncke
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190233524
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This text uses the Sino-American relationship to trace the decline of American legal cosmopolitanism from the Revolutionary era until today.

Author: Cheng'en Wu
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Author: Jared M. Diamond
ISBN: 9789747799149
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Journal Of The American Asiatic Association

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There are those among the advisers to business men who call upon our
manufacturers to sell to foreign markets irrespective of cost, but that is a course of
unreason, discussion of which is futile. Perhaps it may be necessary for our
manufacturers to adjust their processes and costs to the present ability of the
Chinese buyers, and produce goods that can be marketed to compete in quality
and price with those which have within recent years displaced the American cloth
. Moreover, it may ...

Congressional Record

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Our attempts to “change China'' over the past Century have been futile and often
dangerous. But we could take at ... As I said to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in
Hong Kong, Governor Patten's reforms are morally right and—in that they will
guarantee the rule of law after 1997—make good business sense. .... That said, it
is clear that unfair practices on the part of China and Chinese firms contribute to a
growing trade deficit, and reduce opportunities for American exports. Based on ...

New Statesman

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As our Paris correspondent describes, anti-American feeling on this score was
heightened by doubt of America's reliability on the North African issue: by
dissatisfaction at the limited American assistance in Indo-China, and finally by the
discovery that the French national budget now depends on ... But the prices of
British exports are now also falling, and despite this there has been a decline in
the volume of exports extending to engineering and other capital goods as well
as to textiles.

China Oil Gas Report

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Overseas companies in the oil and gas sectors have to recognise that these
Japanese experiences reflect increasing dangers which manifest themselves in
the following way. ... There is also an increasing tendency to pass laws which
completely reverse the very reason for the foreign company coming into China in
the first place. For example, the cutting ... Recently, a new export system has
been brought into play so that cement manufacturers have to bid for export
allocation rights.

Commercial America

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National Maritime Insurance Law The State and Federal Governments are urged
to remove those disabilities caused by non-uniformity of state laws and excessive
taxation which place American insurance at a disadvantage with the foreign ...
Discriminatory Duties and Regulations The vast market which the United States
offers to other nations on a basis of equality, and the supplies of American raw
material exported without taxation or discrimination, entitle the American export
and ...