The Weekly Review

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BOOKS Realities of Rural Poverty Nah,d» Su/ttmtn Crossword by GRIFF Last
Week's Solution: ACROSS. 1. Informal; 5. ... The full results, Posta names first: M
light fly — David Kirika bt Ibrahim (knockout first round); fly — j bt Washington
Okaka ...

The World Almanac Book Of Facts

Author: Facts on File, Inc
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Lou Broultlard. LIGHTWEIGHT (135 lbs.)— Tony Canxonert. ... 20 rounds. Los
Angeles, Cal. , 1907 — May 7 — Tommy Burns knocked out Bill Squires, 1 round.
Colma. Cal. •1908— Doc. 25 — Jack ... Men. Women. Men. Crossword Puzzle

Ue News

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One more reference to Dorothy Lamour and all those roads, and one more joke
about Crosby's proliferation and even the canned laughter will refuse to ... Ready
for you now — spring and Sumer '62 issue of our pattern book Basic FASHION.

Who I Was Supposed To Be

Author: Susan Perabo
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 9780743290371
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"The two of you, moping around all day. ... "Crossword puzzles," I said. "Yea. ... "
The books are for tomorrow when I'm gone. ... She had the gift of making brutal
honesty sound like the lightest comment ever made. ... My father raised his glass
to that one, as if I had knocked myself out tending to his every want and need.

The Continuing Study Of Newspaper Reading

Author: Advertising Research Foundation
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C< captain Stan Nouka, Ducjunr _ guard, disagreed with Umpire Ken Haider1!
ruling on □ foul and mine*1 tha official Other ... March 4 il»i -William * iBUIyl
Beauhuld, on* of lha lop ranking lightweight flghtert a faw rren beck wai lilted aa
wounded j> ... 1M1. after being knocked out In 0 fourth round by FranHie Velei i
Jeraay City Although hii motbi Uvel la St- Louit. .... December and at 'lying School
bird F a.

New Outlook

Author: Alfred Emanuel Smith
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They dragged the trunk into the middle of the room, and, clasping each other
around the waist, sank down behind it in ... out of doors, in the barn or in the
gymnasium, and bring into the house his musical laugh, his lightest footsteps and
his quiet fun? ... Presently the mother-bird came and knocked him on the ground.
... How much there is to do, and how little time and strength one has to
accomplish it all l We must be content to do the .... In the Holy Scriptures the word
is connected with ...

The Fisherman

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Ed Zern continued from page 4 He obligingly pointed out a couple of good spots,
then asked where I was from. ... If the answer is "yes" — and I think it must be—
then in my book all the charts and tables are worth while. ... kept a careful check
all during one season and assured me that fishermen invariably swarmed around
the bar during major feeding periods. NOW! LIGHT WEIGHT WADERS that THE
END Crossword Pisca Puzzle Solution CHEST Hl-'totes" $16.95 AT LAST—
waders ...

New York

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of London Crossword 1 3 10 11 12 13 15 17 19 21 22 24 27 29 30 i 8 13 19 20
21 22 24 25 26 27 29 30 34 36 39 40 43 47 49 50 52 53 ... CLOTHES TO PLAY A
ROUND ... (1-4) A lightweight broadcaster? ... Caddie's tote Method Tony play of
1 949 Overly dry up (enlivens) Kin of a fax Splurged more than previously Bashful
Tries the book again ... Du DOWN 16 "2001" computer 17 In tiers 18 Gears do it
21 French novelist Pierre 23 "My Fair Lady- heroine 28 Knockout count 31 Porky '
s ...