The Easter Bunny Isn T Real And Neither Is Jesus

Author: Oscar Arias
Publisher: Mental Milk Press
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Although elements of the history of Easter have pagan origins, the Easter Bunny
itself is a German Lutheran invention. The first written mention of the "Easter Hare
" (as he was originally called) was in 1682. Much like Santa Claus, the Easter ...

Under The Mantle

Author: Donald H. Calloway, MIC
Publisher: Marian Press - Association of Marian Helpers
ISBN: 1596142820
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parents and friends told them this was not real? Sadly, I think that's ... They don't
have a relationship with Jesus and don't really believe in him, and neither do
their parents. Many don't ... The Easter bunny didn't have a mother. Neither did
the ...

Jesus Cries When You Touch Yourself

Author: Adam McClaran
Publisher: Adam McClaran
ISBN: 1453697675
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Jesus can see everything; Superman has x-ray vision. ... Incidentally, you would
never find either of these places within the actual universe. ... only consider to be
most incredible incident in history, yet there is not a single piece of real evidence
that provides us any solid proof that any of this bullshit ever happened. ... My
point is that Jesus has been created in our imaginations just like the Easter

The Jewish Concern For The Church

Author: Christine Graef
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1532608276
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There is neither biblical nor historical record of Christ, the apostles or the early
Church participating in the Lenten season. 2. easter eggs-The egg, originated
through early european races (pre Christ), first as the symbol of spring. ...
previous three traditions of easter, the sunrise service is mentioned in the Bible.
even though it is found in the Bible, God is not all that ... hunts, and going to
church (the most attended church day during the year) but fail to know the truth of
their true heritage.

Roman Catholic Beliefs

Author: Cyril Gleddie
Publisher: FriesenPress
ISBN: 1460260422
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So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out
of my mouth. Rev. 3:15–16 ... Here Christ is talking about the Church in Laodicea.
... An apostate church professes to be Christian, but in reality it is not. ... How old
were you when you first learned there was no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny?

Taking Caesar Out Of Jesus

Author: Robert M. Wills
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1493108107
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Even if a story has numerous improbabilities—consider Santa Claus, the Easter
Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy—the child ... The notion that God loves us is not a fact
. ... If we mean God is equally present to all, that is a legitimate theological
statement— neither true nor false objectively, but a faith statement we can live by.

I M Just Wanda But Jesus Is G O D

Author: Wanda Aigner
Publisher: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 1606965468
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Well, as I started to tell, my supervisor, the real Nyack hostess, had returned, and
I suddenly understood that I needed to make a decision. I got out ... Yes, I could
see Jesus and no one but Jesus! ... And I can't deny something that simply
endeared him to me: The live white Easter bunnies he once gave my brother and

Narrative Reading Narrative Preaching

Author: Joel B. Green
Publisher: Baker Books
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The pulpit sat at the top of the hill, where it was flanked on either side by rows of
large azalea bushes. ... wouldn't it be cool if someone dressed up like Jesus
could come hopping out of those bushes just like the Easter Bunny." Now, I don't
know whether Sharon was serious, but her way of thinking about resurrection is
not very different from that of many preachers, is it? ... until next spring, relieved
that it is over, so we can get back to the real business of running and growing the

Easter Traditions

Author: Nicolae Sfetcu
Publisher: Nicolae Sfetcu
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The Gospel of John has a different chronology which has Christ's death at the
time of the slaughter of the Passover lambs, ... The Easter Bunny is often
identified as a remnant of this fertility festival, although there is no evidence of
any link. ... "just as many other customs have been established", stating that
neither Jesus nor his apostles enjoined the keeping of this or ... However, when
read in context, this is not a rejection or denigration of the celebration —which,
given its currency in ...

Bible Bloopers

Author: Michael Ledo
Publisher: Atlanta Freethought Society Incorporated
ISBN: 9781887392068
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Mark's Jesus is not on the same level as God. In verse ... Matthew repeats the
phrase but eliminates the words "neither the son" (Matt. 24-36). ... The time has
come to grow up and face reality. There is no Santa Claus. There is no Easter