The Diary Of Andrew Fuller 1780 1801

Author: Michael D. McMullen
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
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This edition, with exhaustive identifications, notes, and valuable appendices for students of Baptist history, provides a fascinating glimpse into Fuller’s ministry at Soham and Kettering during a period (1780-1801) when he became the ...

Manuscripts Collections Of The Minnesota Historical Society

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... 1691, 17ll, 1721, 1785, 1953, 2284, 2378, 2528; company papers, 1694, 17ll,
2139, 2292, 2418, 2542, 2564; lawsuits, 17ll, 1852, 2564, 2684; history sources,
1780, 1904, 2027, 2042, 2230, 2304, 2428, 2673; account books, 1812, 1916,
2071; letters, 1819, 2738, 2759; French officials' papers, 2020; diaries, 2034,
2284, 2297, 2642, 2690; reminiscences, 2378 Furness, Anna E. R., diaries, 1952
Furness, Laura, diaries, 1952 Furness, Marion R., diaries, 1952 Furuseth,
Andrew, 2624 ...

British History

Author: Harvard University. Library
Publisher: Harvard University Press
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Nelson, J. An extract of J. Nelson's Journal. London, 1789. Nelson, J. Journal.
London, 1841. Secretan, C F. Memoirs of Robert Nelson, London, 1860. Nevill,
Ralph. Unconventional memories. London, 1923. Neville, S. Diary. London, 1950
. ... Fuller, Andrew. Memoirs of Samucl Pearce. v. 1-2. Boston, 1801. Fuller,
Andrew. Memoirs of Samuel Pearce. 5th American ed. Boston, 1828. Fuller,
Andrew. Memoir of Samuel Pearce. N.Y., n,d. Fuller, Andrew. Memoirs of Samuel

America History And Life

Author: Eric H. Boehm
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Diplomacy. France (Paris). Personality. Politics. 1784-89. 9254b — . Discovery
and Exploration. Lewis and Clark Expedition. Trans-Mississippi West. ca 1801-09
. 9411b — . Documents. 1793. 9423b — . Europe. Travel. 1784-89. 9258b — .
Founding Fathers. Slavery. 1780's-1830's. 9418b — . Interpersonal Relations.
Letters. Personality. 1743-1826. 9416b — . Jackson, Andrew. Political
Leadership. Presidency. 1790's-1830's. 9408a — . Judicial review. Marshall,
John. Supreme Court.

Lincolnshire History And Archaeology

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1780-83 S&A: MiGulston. KIRTON (LINDSEY) Reg'r 1779 S&A: Mr Thomas
Bullivant. 1779-83 S&A: Mr Tomtinson, Mr Hynde. UBD V c.1798 No directory list
given under Kin on Lindsey. LONG SUTTON Reg'r 1779-83 S&A: Mr John Bailey.
LOUTH Reg'r 1779-80 Physn: 1779- 83 Physn: 1780- 83 Physn: 1779 S&A: 1779
-83 S&A: UBD III 1780-83 S&A: 1783 S&A: c.1791 Physn: S&A: Dr Stanhope
Bayne MD Edin 1777 (Diss. Inaug. de Hypochondriasi, &c). Dr Clarke MD St.
Andrew's Dr ...

The Art Quarterly

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Originally full length. Owners: (1) Dancing Assembly, City Tavern, later
Merchant's Coffee House, Phila.; (2) Dr. H. Middleton Fisher, Jenkintown, Penna.
JACKSON, ANDREW (1767-1847). President of the U. S. 28 x 23. Painted Jan.
24, 27, 28 ... Mentioned in Peak's Diary, Nov. 1, 1775. Possibly Thomas Jenings.
See Sellers, Early Life ofC. W. Peale, 102. JOHNSON, CHARLES. Bust.
Mentioned in Peak's Diary, Baltimore, Sept. 8, 1778. JOHNSON, RICHARD
MENTOR (1780-1850).

Historical Abstracts

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Diaries. Elites. Letters. 1904-14. 10872b — . Book Collecting. Coleridge, Samuel
Taylor ("Kubla Khan ). Manuscripts. Milnes, Richard Monckton. 1804. 10787a — .
Book Reviews. Careers. Literary Criticism. Periodicals. 18c. 10474b — . .... Fuller,
Andrew. Prayer. Priestley, Joseph. Socinianism. 1733-1815. 6426a — .
Cambridge History Project. History Teaching. Secondary Education. 1970's-93.
8427a — . Cambridge Social History of Britain. Social History (review article).

The History Of Martha S Vineyard Dukes County Massachusetts Town Annals

Author: Charles Edward Banks
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During the last month of the incapacity of Mr. Homes his pulpit was occupied by
temporary supplies, Bellamy Bosworth, Richard Pateshall and Andrew Boardman
. The church and town ... She married a second husband, in 1780, Shubael Cottle
(53), and died in 1802, aged 75 years. MINISTRY OF TIMOTHY ... *This diary
became the inheritance of his daughter Hannah, who never married, and in her
old age she went to live with Deacon James Allen, her nephew. She died in 1790
, ...

A History Of Wilkes Barr Luzerne County Pennsylvania

Author: Oscar Jewell Harvey
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Andrew Ben net. Solomon Bennet. Thomas Bennet. Ezekiel Brown. Manasseh
Cady. Jonathan Corey. Joseph Corey. Nathaniel Cook. Peleg Comstock. Joseph
Elliott. Henry Elliott. James Frisbie. Jonathan Frisbie. John Fuller. Arnold Franklin.
... He believed the claim of The Susquehanna Company was a valid one, and in
writing the history of the Purchase, in taking copies of legal papers and
documents, in writing letters, and in keeping a journal, the amount of writing done
by. him ...