The Crisis Of The Modern World

Author: René Guénon
Publisher: Sophia Perennis
ISBN: 9780900588501
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In the present work Guenon ruthlessly exposes the 'Western deviation': its loss of tradition, its exaltation of action over knowledge, its rampant individualism and general social chaos.

The Essential Ren Gu Non

Author: René Guénon
Publisher: World Wisdom, Inc
ISBN: 1933316578
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Metaphysics, Tradition, and the Crisis of Modernity René Guénon John Herlihy. *
* * In the 1970s, I came across a dusty little hardback with a cracked spine that
had been published during the Second World War, entitled The Crisis of the
Modern World.1 The title struck me, like the sting of a whip, with its seemingly
accusatory reference to the modern world, a world in which I had been raised to
believe in the myth of a progressive, technological society that was on the brink of
a brave ...

The Symbolism Of The Cross

Author: René Guénon
Publisher: Sophia Perennis
ISBN: 9780900588662
Size: 52.45 MB
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The Symbolism of the Cross is a major doctrinal study of the central symbol of Christianity from the standpoint of the universal metaphysical tradition, the 'perennial philosophy' as it is called in the West.

Spiritual Authority And Temporal Power

Author: René Guénon
Publisher: Sophia Perennis
ISBN: 9780900588471
Size: 73.67 MB
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René Guénon S. D. Fohr. The present work complements Guenon's East and
West, The Crisis of the Modern World, and The Reign of Quantity and the Sign* o/
tbi1 Times, for whereas the latter detail the Wests gradual movement away from
traditional values, Spiritual Authority and Temporal Power focuses by contrast on
what Guenon believed to be the normal relationship between the spiritual and
the temporal implied in a healthy traditional civilization, that is. the supremacy of ...

Theology Descent Into The Vicious Circles Of Death

Author: Zoran Grozdanov
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1498232760
Size: 70.85 MB
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Guénon, René. The Crisis of the Modern World. Translated by Arthur Osborne et
al. 4th rev. ed. Collected Works of René Guénon. Ghent, NY: Sophia Perennis,
2001. Gutiérrez, Gustavo. A Theology of Liberation: History, Politics and
Salvation. Translated and edited by Sister Caridad Inda and John Eagleson.
London: SCM, 1974. Kiš, Danilo. A Tomb for Boris Davidovich. Translated by
Duska Mikic-Mitchell. London: Faber, 1985. John Paul II. “Address of His
Holiness John Paul II to the ...

The Reign Of Quantity And The Signs Of The Times

Author: René Guénon
Publisher: Sophia Perennis
ISBN: 9780900588679
Size: 75.13 MB
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The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times is Rene Guenon's most
prophetic work, which only becomes more relevant with each passing year.
Having seen his telling analysis of Western culture, The Crisis of the Modern
World, swiftly overtaken by events, Guenon based this his final and most
profound critique squarely on changeless metaphysical principles. But to unite
social criticism with metaphysics is to beget eschatology, and so, whereas in
Crisis Guenon foresaw the end ...

East And West

Author: Rene Guenon
Publisher: Sophia Perennis
ISBN: 9780900588495
Size: 18.46 MB
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René Guénon. Bait and West, hrsr published in 1924. was the fourth of a series of
books that cleared the ground for Guenon's later writings. His first book,
Introduction to the Study oj the Hindu Doctrines (1921), was an exposition of
metaphysics as transmitted in the Hindu tradition, and served to establish his
specific use of important terms such as esoterism , tradition , and orthodoxy . 1 le
next set about writing two extensive volumes critiquing what he called pseudo-
esoteric' groups.

Ye Shall Know The Truth

Author: Mateus Soares de Azevedo
Publisher: World Wisdom, Inc
ISBN: 0941532690
Size: 45.48 MB
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Frithjof Schuon said of him that he had “the central function of restoring the great
principles of traditional metaphysics to Western awareness,” and he added that
Guénon “gave proof of a universality of understanding that for centuries had no
parallel in the Western world.” Guenon's powerful indictment of the modern world
is to be found in his works of civilizational criticism, Crisis of the Modern World
and The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times, wherein he criticizes the ...

The Esoteric Path

Author: Luc Benoist
Publisher: Sophia Perennis
ISBN: 9781597310130
Size: 35.79 MB
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One of the most balanced and complete works in a field beset with amateurs.
Franz, M.-L. von, Number and Time (1974).Valuable for its non- mathematical
approach. Georgel, G., Les Quatres Ages de I'humanite (Milano, 1976). Les
Rhythmes dans I'Histoire (Milano, 1981). The best writer on cosmic cycles, he
received help from Guenon. Gue"non, Rene, East and West (Sophia Perennis,
2001). The Crisis of the Modern World (Sophia Perennis, 2001). Introduction to
the Study of the ...

Bhagavan Remembrances Of Our Days With Ramana Maharshi

Author: Roy Melvyn
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1105332411
Size: 31.13 MB
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He edited Collected Works of Ramana Maharshi and authored Ramana
Maharshi and the Path of SelfKnowledge; RamanaArunachala; My Life and
Quest; Be Still, It Is The Wind That Sings; and The Teachings of Bhagavan Sri
Ramana Maharshi in His Own Words. He was greatly influenced by French
philosopher Rene Guenon, whose book La Crise du Monde Moderne was
translated by him as The Crisis of the Modern World. Osborne was a lecturer in
English at a university in ...