The Big Book Of X Bombers X Fighters

Author: Steve Pace
Publisher: Zenith Press
ISBN: 0760351422
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Specifications included for each aircraft include: Length Height Wingspan Empty weight Gross weight Maximum range Ceiling Maximum speed Armament In addition, veteran aviation author Steve Pace shows readers some of the designs that could ...

The New International Year Book

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In the United States, the NASA-Air Force-Navy research airplane program dating
back to 1944 and the backlog of experience with supersonic fighters and
bombers provide much of the required flight information. ... system development.
A large part of this research was accomplished during 1962 in the U.S. program.
The turbofan engine may be the most promising. After component research, five
or six more years will be required before an engine is ready for regularly
scheduled ...

The New International Year Book

Author: Frank Moore Colby
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The Air Force supported its position by contending that tactical aircraft support
was only one of its prime missions and that it would not be practicable to saturate
the field of battle with the quantities and types of tactical planes desired by the
Army. ... power armed with conventional weapons held the key to the ground
battle, it can now be predicted with reasonable confidence that air power
plentifully armed with atomic weapons may, through the precision bombing of
retardation points, ...

Britannica Book Of The Year

Author: Franklin Henry Hooper
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Franklin Henry Hooper, Walter Yust. JET PROPULSION JEWISH RELIGIOUS
the Boeing B-47. General Electric had two new versions of its J47 engine, both
referred to as all-weather jets. The J47-GE-17 had an afterburner, a high-altitude
starting system and anti-icing and electronic controls; thrust was in the 7,500-
8,000-lb. class. It was the announced power plant of the North American F-86D
all-weather ...

The Guinness Book Of Records

Author: Alan Russell
ISBN: 9780851128689
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138 Aircraft Heaviest The highest recorded gross take-off weight has been 379.9
tons 386,0 tonnes in the case of a Boeing 747-200B 'Jumbo' jet during
certification tests of its Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7Q engines on 23 May 1979. Some
versions are certified for .... the US North American Aviation X-15A-2, which flew
for the first time (after modification from X- 1 5A) on 25 June 1 964 powered by a
liquid oxygen and ammonia rocket propulsion system. Ablative materials on the
airframe ...

Collier S Year Book Covering The Year

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The Army awarded its largest single missile research and development contract
in history during the year. This was for the top priority antimissile-missile system,
the Nike X. The contract, for over $200 million, went to Western Electric. In the
propulsion field, an Atlas-Centaur 2 space rocket was launched on November 27.
About four minutes after launch the upper-stage Centaur rocket was fired and
boosted itself into orbit, marking the first successful flight of a rocket using the
new ...

The World Book Encyclopedia

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This was the first successful jet-propelled combat airplane. In 1944 jet airplanes
began to be used by German fighter squadrons. Germany also took the lead in
the use of jet propulsion in guided missiles during World War II. See GUIDED
MISSILE. Postwar Development. In 1947 the rocket-powered Bell X-1, built in the
United States, became the first airplane to fly faster than the speed of sound. This
plane was launched from a bombing plane in the air and piloted by Charles
Yeager ...

Aeroplane And Commercial Aviation News

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Then there are the Central Institute of Aerospace Propulsion Systems (C.I. A.M.),
the Ail-Union Institute of the Aerospace Materials (V.I.A.M.), the Flight Research
Institute (L.I.I.), the Scientific Testing Institute of the Soviet Air Forces ... A rocket
built and tested early in 1933 was powered by a liquid-oxidizer engine; it was
245.7 cm. long, 160 mm. in diameter and weighed 20 kg. It rose to an altitude of
4,500 m. Another liquid rocket, GIRD-X, was a further development of a Tsander

Air Racing Today

Author: Philip Handleman
ISBN: 9781840372496
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The ineffable Chuck Yeager, then a young captain having achieved ace status in
the European theater, came to this outpost in Ohio, a kind of clearinghouse and
nerve center for his legendary flights in rakish-looking X-planes over the Mojave
Desert. Although the first sonic boom generated by a manned plane was heard
out West, the achievement had much of its origin in a part of the Midwest that has
come to be referred to as the cradle of aviation. Today, the gangling control tower
of ...

National Review

Author: William Frank Buckley
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Of the aerospace corporations iiuw doing an annual business of $1 billion or
more, two stand out — North American Aviation and Boeing. Early in June, I
made a ten-day trip to ... North American's Rocketdyne Division is concerned with
advanced systems of propulsion including its important F-l rocket engine with a
thrust of \% million pounds. Its fast growing Autonetics ... The X-20 or Dyna Soar (
Dynamic Soaring) is the Air Force's only major space project. Now labeled
experimental ...