The Acts Relating To Estate Increment Value On Death Legacy Succession And Probate Duties

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_ tory or who is required to deliver such account as aforesaid shall \ neglect to do
so within the period prescribed by law for the purpose, Double duty he shall be
liable to pay to Her Majesty double the amount of duty payable in chargeable,
and the same shall be a debt due from him to the Crown, j"fg„jt and be
recoverable by any of the ways or means now in force2 for the recovery of
probate, legacy, or succession duties. 1. Any person who ought to ohtain probate,
§c— -These words, ...

Studies In The History Of Tax Law

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Accordingly their valuefell to be included in the estate and liable to duty. Legacy
and Succession Duties The othertwo duties imposedby referenceto death were
legacy duty and succession duty. The former was first introduced by Lord North in
1780; 38 the latter by Gladstone under the Succession Duty Act 1853. 39 Legacy
duty (as with probate and account duties) was limited largely to personalproperty.
Successionduty appliedto real property, settlements taking effect on the death of

Bohan And Mccarthy Capital Acquisitions Tax

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Probate tax does, however, remain relevant where the deceased died before 6
December 2000 and the administration of the estate has yet to be completed. In
Ireland and in the UK there has been a long history of death duties, starting with
probate duty in 1694. Initially, this was a simple fixed stamp duty on the issue of a
grant of probate or letters of administration. The legislation was variously
amended and, following the Act of Union 1801, Irish probate duty and legacy duty
were ...

Palgrave S Dictionary Of Political Economy

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1881.-Hanson's Probate, Legacy, and Succession Duty Acts, 3rd ed. 1876. —
Hanson's Revenue Acts of 1881, 1883.—M“Culloch's Treatise on Succession to
Property vacant by Death.--Thring's Introduction to the Succession Duty Act, 1853
. – Archbold's Succession Duty Act of 1853, 1854.— Griffith's Digest of the Stamp
Duties, 9th ed. 1886.-Harris, English Death Duties, 1890.Buxton and Barnes,
Handbook to the Death Duties, 1890. See also Dowell's History of Taxation and
Tazes in ...

Commentaries On The Constitutional Law Of England

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0 10 0 Trevar on the Taxes en Succession. A Digest of the Statutes and Cases
relating to the Probate, Legacy, and Succession Duties. With lVaet1cal
Observations and Official Forms. In 12mo. cloth . . . . 0 10 6 Tilsley's New Stamp
Acts and Complete Tables of Duties. Sixth Edition. In 8vo. boards . . . . . . . .080
Tilsley's Treatise on the Stamp Laws. Second Edition. With a Supplement
containing the Acts to 1854, and complete Tables of Duties. In 8vo. boards 1 11 6
Spence an the ...

Die Besteuerung Deutsch Irischer Erbf Lle

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Legacy duty und succession duty entsprachen sich in ihren Grundzügen,
schlössen sich aber gegenseitig hinsichtlich der konkreten
Vermögensbestandteile aus.13 Personal property unterfiel unabhängig von der
Belegenheit der legacy duty, wenn der Verstorbene in Irland sein Domizil hatte.
Real property traf die succession duty, vorausgesetzt, daß ... Sodann geregelt im
Probate and Legacy Duty (Ire- land) Act aus dem Jahre 1814. 11 16&17 Vict. c.
51. 12 Vgl. O'Connor, A Guide to ...