Bohan And Mccarthy Capital Acquisitions Tax

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Probate tax was abolished for all deaths occurring on or after 6 December 2000 (
FA 2001, s 225). Probate tax does, however, remain relevant where the
deceased died before 6 December 2000 and the administration of the estate has
yet to be completed. In Ireland and in the UK there has been a long history of
death duties, starting with probate duty in 1694. Initially, this was a simple fixed
stamp duty on the issue of a grant of probate or letters of administration. The
legislation was ...

Studies In The History Of Tax Law

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Accordingly their valuefell to be included in the estate and liable to duty. Legacy
and Succession Duties The othertwo duties imposedby referenceto death were
legacy duty and succession duty. The former was first introduced by Lord North in
1780; 38 the latter by Gladstone under the Succession Duty Act 1853. 39 Legacy
duty (as with probate and account duties) was limited largely to personalproperty.
Successionduty appliedto real property, settlements taking effect on the death of

The National Union Catalog Pre 1956 Imprints

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Annapolis : Printed bj rrederlok Green. [178?) *3p. 22еж. Inna 80tO3. "Krrata"i
рЛЗ. 1. U. S.~Pol. к govt.— 1801-1809. Library of Congress ЛС90..Ы5 vol. 861
NH 0102812 DLC HH-L MdBB MdBP MdHi NHi PP1U rlpt correction on p. 35.
Inscribed: loar1* Fficbard] Fllgeljr ïaqr. NH 0102806 MH NNC NB MBAt , Alfred,
1816-1886, ed. The acta relating to estate, probate, legacy, and succession
duties. By (the late) Alfred Hanson ... 4th ed., by Lewis T. Dibdin and Francis H. L.
Errington .

Introduction To The Study And Use Of The Civil Law

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\Vith Tables of all the Stamp Duties payable in the United Kingdom after the 1st
January, 18?1, and of Former Duties, 820., &.e. ' By EDWARD ... Second Edition,
much Enlarged, and Corrected (by a Supplement) to the end of the Session,
1870 ; including References to all the Acts in Chitty's Collection of Statutes. ...
Trevor on the Taxes on Succession—A Digest of the Statutes and Cases (
including those of Scotland and Ireland) relating to the Probate, Legacy, and
Succession Duties.

A Dictionary Of American And English Law

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PROBATE COURT. Probate. -See Court of *In the case of probates and letters of
administration granted before the 1st of April, 1880, the rate of duty is regulated
by the Stat. 55 Geo. III, c. 184; 5 and 6 Vict. c. 79, ? 23 ; 22 and 23 Vict. c. 36, 1 1 ;
and 27 and 28 Vict, c. 36. Under these acts the duty was paid by a stamp on the
grant, and was calculated on the whole value of the personal estate, without
deducting debts (except in the case of mortgage debts charged on leasehold
property), ...