The 39 Mile Path Of Destruction

Author: J.T. Carruthers
ISBN: 9781465334671
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This book is primarily a picture book recording the damage from the 1 Jun 2011 tornado that swept through western and central Massachusetts.

Climatological Data New England

Author: United States. Environmental Data Service
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This division had just experienced a string of four droughty months, from March
through June. Some stations in this division continued dry through July. The
Western and Central Massachusetts and Southeastern Vermont divisions
continued dry for the third consecutive month . The driest of these was Western
Massachusetts, where the three-month total was only 6.63 inches, or only 54% of
normal. At Pittsfield, Mass., the May through June total is only 5. 10 inches or only
39% of ...

A Choice Of Enemies

Author: Lawrence Freedman
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0297856154
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“Remarks by the President at 2002 Graduation Exercise of the United States
Military Academy, West Point, New York,” June 1, 2002, at
topical/pol/terror/02060201.htm. 32. “The National Security ... 151 39. Woodward,
Bush at War, p. 350. 40. Charles Duelfer, Director of Central Intelligence Special
Adviser for Strategy Regarding Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
Programs Testimony to the U.S. Congress, March 30, 2004. 41. Scott Ritter, “The
Case for ...

Climatological Data National Summary

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i Number of persons ; i Estimated damage Property (exclusive of crops) Toxas
acfaddin, victoria County ---sota -or-n-and central por----- Il-L-I-OIs Extre-e north-
estern por---- FLORIDA -e-t PalBeach, Palm Beach County C-L-I-Fornia central
coast southern coastal basin ... 10-mile path of destruction not continuous.
Observer at Ogden Dunes reported peak wind gust of 67 m.p.h., at 6:39 p.m.
shortly afterwards small pebbles found at toll road interchange 2 miles south of
chesterton which ...

Climatological Data

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Winter wheat filled rapidly during the month and early varieties were ready for
binding in the southern and central portions and some fields of oats and barley
had been cut by the end of May. The cotton crop ... Few farm buildings escaped
destruction. At several places ... The path of the storm was about 25 miles long,
extending from a point 2 miles west of Fox, eastward through the towns of
Clemscot and Woodford, to the Ard- more Airport and Springer, on highway No.
77. No deaths ...

Monthly Weather Review

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Width Loss of Value of property destroyed Place Date Time of path, Character of
storm Remarks Feb. Щ7 6-8 yards life South Dakota 1 High winds, blowing snow
and dust. Frequent high, gusty northwesterly wind, accompanied by subzero
temperatures, blowing snow and dust, and poor visibility, caused cancellation or
delayed traffic. Schools closed; communication and power lines damaged,
especially In the southern quarter of the State. 1 death attributed to the severo

Popular Science

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By (Continued from page 39) evening it was over Washington, D. C., and
Western New England. By the next ... And, in the early Nineteenth Century, when
volcanoes in the Sunda Islands, near Sumatra, exploded like great bombshells
and hurled thirty-six cubic miles of rock, dirt, and dust into the sky, the particles
circled the globe several times. They resulted in ... Between 10 a.m. and midnight
on a single day, sixty tornadoes left a trail of destruction across central and
southern states.

Storm Data

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Time Path Path Number of Estimated July 2008 Local/ Length Width Persons
Damage Location Date Standard (Miles) (Yards) Killed Injured Property Crops
Character of Storm GEORGIA, North and Central Jefferson County Wrens 28
1605EST 0 0 80.00K 0.00K ... Quarter to golf ball-sized hail fell near and just
northeast through east of Centerville and penny to quarter-sized hail fell in the
Warner Robins area. ... This was keeping a warm, moist, and unstable air mass
over the region.

Natural Hazards

Author: Edward A. Keller
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1315508680
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Je t stream A r c t i c f r o n t Arctic air mass Arctic air mass Hurricane Sandy (a) (b
) Figure 10.30 Hurricane Sandy's Unusual path H L J e t s tr e a m (a) Hurricanes
moving north along the eastern seaboard typically head back into the Atlantic
away ... (From Climate Central. Reprinted by permission.) (b) Satellite image of
Sandy in the Carribean Sea one day after being upgraded from a tropical
depression and one day before becoming a Category 1 hurricane. (NASA) over
Greenland ...

Appalachian Trail Names

Author: David Lillard
Publisher: Stackpole Books
ISBN: 9780811726726
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Before then, beavers had dammed up the valley, creating a boggy habitat that
suited the cranberries delivered by the advancing ice sheet, which paused only
150 miles north of here. SHANAMAN MARKER PA William F Shanaman was
once mayor of Reading, an early trail worker, and president of the Blue Mountain
Eagle Climbing Club in 1916-39. SHANNONDALE ROAD VA This ... In 1955, the
first road was cut into the western slope of the Blue Ridge to create a new resort.
Today ...