Ten Great American Trials

Author: Glenn C. Altschuler
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Embedded in each of the narratives is an analysis of the use by prosecutors and defense attorneys of trial advocacy techniques (involving discovery, pre-trial motions, jury selection, direct testimony, cross-examination, the introduction of ...

Reminiscences Of Rufus Choate The Great American Advocate

Author: Edward Griffin Parker
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With his great knowledge of the law, its principles and practice, and with his
knowledge of his own vernacular, so copious and yet so exact, you would expect
to find accuracy and neatness in all his legal writings. ... From 1835 down, I know
that while he was as open and free as daylight, to any class of clients on almost
any respectable class of civil business (and too open, and free, and liberal for his
own advantage), he was very rigid as to his retainers on the criminal side, from
my ...

Great American Lawyers

Author: John R. Vile
Publisher: Abc-clio
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This two volume set offers unmatched insight into the lives and careers of 100 of America's most notable defense and prosecuting attorneys. * Full essays on the lives and cases of America's 100 most famous lawyers, from John Adams to ...

Great American Trials

Author: Edward W. Knappman
ISBN: 9780787656430
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Burton Abbott Trial: 1955 Defendant: Burton W. Abbott Crimes Charged: Murder
and kidnapping Chief Defense Lawyer: Stanley D. Whitney Chief Prosecutors:
Frank Coakley and Folger Emerson Judge: Wade Snook Place: Oakland,
California Dates of Trial: November 7, 1955- January 25, 1956 Verdict: Guilty
Sentence: Death SIGNIFICANCE Shrewd advocacy and the marshaling of highly
charged emotions overcame evidential limitations in one of California's most
sensational ...

Abraham Lincoln S Most Famous Case The Almanac Trial

Author: George R. Dekle Sr.
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1440830509
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In 1901 he wrote The Art of Cross-Examination, a book that became one of the
most famous trial advocacy manuals ever published. The fourth edition is still in
print,1 and many modern lawyers swear by it as the fount of knowledge for
learning how to cross-examine. I discovered the book while in law school and re-
read it from cover to cover several times. Wellman ... This cross-examination has
entered the pantheon of great moments in the history of American trial advocacy.
It rivals ...

The Death And Life Of The Great American School System

Author: Diane Ravitch
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0465097995
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direct, control, or influence curricula and instruction. ... I said it was impossible to
predict whether they would raise or lower test scores and whether they would
widen or narrow achievement gaps among racial and ethnic groups without a
trial. ... Advocates for children with disabilities complained of their indifference to
children whose needs differed: teachers of special education students
complained that they were required to teach novels and algebra to students who
could not identify ...

Great American Trials 1637 1949

Publisher: Gale Cengage
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Henry Flipper Court-Martial: 1881 Defendant: Henry Flipper Crimes:
Embezzlement and conduct unbecoming an officer Chief Defense Lawyer Merritt
Barber Chief Prosecutor: John W. Clous, Judge Advocate Presiding Officer G.
Pennypacker Court J. F. Wade, G. W. Schofield, W. E. Waters, William Fletcher,
W. N. Tisdall, R.G. Heiner, E.S. Ewing, W.V. Richards Place: Fort Davis, Texas
Date of Trial: September 15; November 1 -December 13, 1881 Verdict: Not guilty
of embezzlement; ...

Great American Crime Stories

Author: Bill Bowers
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 149302938X
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All that ingenuity could devise to explain the suspicious conduct of the defendant,
and the most eloquent periods of an advocate known throughout the world by
causes he had championed, proved unavailing, however, to save the life of the
man who had wronged society so grievously, and after a confinement of seven
weeks, the jury on the 7th of March arrived at a verdict of guilty within two hours
after leaving the court room. leSSonS From the ging murder. I cannot believe any
one is ...

Famous American Trials

Author: Carl Eric Bechhofer Roberts
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Again, in such trials the habits and customs of the time can be seen from
evidence uncoloured by any bias to exaggerate or minimise the social life of the
class to which the offender belongs. All this, it may be said, may form some
reason for reading criminal ... The procedure in the United States is in principle
the same as ours, but there are differences, and some advocate changes which
would bring us into line. In England a plea of guilty to murder must be followed by
sentence of ...

Great American Judges

Author: John R. Vile
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1576079899
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BOND, HUGH LENNOX (1828–1893) Ardent Maryland Unionist- Republican,
Judge Bond served on Baltimore's criminal court during the Civil War and as U.S.
circuit judge for the Fourth Circuit (Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North and
South Carolina) during and after Reconstruction. A forceful advocate for the
political rights of African Americans in former slave states, he presided over some
of the great political trials in the United States, and in the Gilded Age, his
decisions ...