Dangerous Places

Author: David A. Poirier
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
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Table 7.1 Epidemiology of the Infectious Diseases Most Common in the Historical
Period Disease Type Infective Material/V ectors Anthrax Cholera Diphtheria
Dysentery Malaria Pneumonia Scarlet fever Smallpox Syphilis Tetanus
Tuberculosis Typhoid fever Typhus Bacterial Transmitted by direct contact with
infected animals, may also be spread through ingestion of contaminated meat
and inhalation of spores. Viable spores may survive in soil for decades. Bacterial
Spread through ...

Dangerous Competition

Author: Richard Telofski
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But if the pages are not intuitively navigable, or if the pages take an abnormally
long time to load, or if the customer service reps don't email back, then the
ecompetitor is just gen— erating frustration, and in the end possibly costing the
customer more time than it is trying to save them. 4. Look for Contact. Try to locate
the company's contact information. Easy to find? Make a note. All too often,
ebusiness companies hide their contact information two or three screens deep, if
it is on the site ...

A Dangerous Weapon

Author: Charlton Clayes
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dangerous unknown, and the slightest misstep in contact with it could possibly
mean injury or death to everyone in its vicinity. Therefore, one must take one
cautious step after another, investigating thoroughly every aspect of the gestalt
until all the facts about it were revealed and any danger it posed nullified. After
that, then, the “real neat stuff” could proceed apace. “So far,” the Doctor intoned
as soon as he had run his charges through their warmup, “you have been
unintentional ...

Recommendations On The Transport Of Dangerous Goods

Author: United Nations, Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (1957-) Staff
Publisher: United Nations Publications
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FLAMMABLE GASES Introductory notes NOTE 1: Where the term "water-reactive
" is used in these Regulations, it refers to a substance which in contact with water
emits flammable gas. NOTE 2: Because of the different properties exhibited by
dangerous goods within Divisions 4. 1 and 4.2, it is impracticable to establish a
single ...

Recommendations On The Transport Of Dangerous Goods

Author: United Nations
Publisher: United Nations Publications
ISBN: 9789211391350
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Download Read Online The test procedure is intended to determine whether the reaction of a
substance with water leads to the development of a dangerous amount of gases
which may be flammable. 33.4. 1 . 1 .3 The test procedures outlined here
adequately assess the relative hazard of substances liable to emit flammable
gases on contact with water (sometimes referred to as water reactive substances
in the Model Regulations) so that an appropriate classification for transport can
be made.

The School For Dangerous Girls

Author: Eliot Schrefer
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
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I tore off a few squares of toilet paper and handed them to her. “It's okay,” I said.
Carmen blew her nose. She was wearing a John Lennon T-shirt that was way too
big; no doubt she was convinced she was obese. “I have to take my contact
lenses out,” she said, “but I don't have my case or anything.” “Oh,” I said. “Maybe
we should tell someone. That seems like something you should be allowed to
have.” She shook her head. “Nope. Not allowed to wear contacts. Dr. Spicer said
they only ...

The Creation Of Dangerous Violent Criminals

Author: Lonnie H. Athens
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 9780252062629
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The only way in which one can hope to establish such rapport is through
prolonged close and intimate contact with the people with whom it is desired. The
fact is that the social scientists who have done most of the research on violent
criminals are academics. There is certainly nothing in the backgrounds of most of
them, either prior to or after coming to the university, that prepares them to
achieve rapport with violent criminals. On the contrary, most academics find the
average violent ...