Tax Policy Women And The Law

Author: Ann Mumford
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139493477
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The juxtaposition of this instrumentalist deployment of tax with persisting economic inequality for women is the starting point for this book.

Taxing Women

Author: Edward J. McCaffery
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226555560
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No dual-income household can afford not to read this book before filing their taxes. "Taxing Women is a must-have primer for any woman who wants to understand how our current tax system affects her family's economic condition.

Challenging Gender Inequality In Tax Policy Making

Author: Kim Brooks
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1847316549
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1 The 'Capture' of Women in Law and Fiscal Policy: The Tax/Benefit Unit, Gender
Equality and Feminist Ontologies KATHLEEN A LAHEY been contested and slow
, and that in no country have women yet attained genuine and full equality with
men. Less visible is the fact that equality gains are not just difficult to achieve, but
are extremely fragile and can be reversed quickly when the impact of law and
policy on women as a sex/gender class is not kept at the forefront of the agenda.

Globalization And Its Tax Discontents

Author: Arthur J. Cockfield
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 0802099769
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Tax Policy and International Investments : Essays in Honour of Alex Easson
Arthur J. Cockfield. 8. Missing. Women: Gender-Impact. Analysis. and.
International. Taxation. Kathleen. Lahey. 1.0 Finding Women in International and
Tax Law Tax law, like corporate, commercial, and regulatory law, speaks of '
persons,' 'corporations,' 'states,' and 'taxpayers' – but, particularly in international
taxation, there are few real people anywhere in sight. Add to that the self-
conscious gender neutrality ...

Privatization Law And The Challenge To Feminism

Author: Brenda Cossman
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9780802085092
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Tax. Law. and. Social. Reproduction: The. Gender. of. Fiscal. Policy. in. an. Age.
of. Privatization. LISA PHILIPPS The drive towards privatization in Canada has at
its heart one central claim: that private choice is better than public regulation as a
mechanism for allocating resources and ordering social ... recent reforms deepen
a historical tendency of the tax system to impose the costs of social reproduction
on women, undermining women's economic security, autonomy, and equality.

Child Support

Author: Ross Finnie
Publisher: IRPP
ISBN: 9780886451578
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To make this theory work, the custodial mother's child support payment must be "
grossed up" to at least cover her increased tax liability. Otherwise the system
would merely make the custodial mother fully liable for the non-custodial father's
taxes on his child support obligation. The appropriateness of this deduction/
inclusion scheme has come increasingly under attack by policy and advocacy
organizations. The National Association of Women and the Law (NAWL) and the
Canadian ...

Law Gender And Injustice

Author: Joan Hoff
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814744869
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The Supreme Court held that Congress designed the military pension to be the
property of the serviceman, thereby denying the military wife any claim to it as
part of a divorce settlement. Congress overruled this decision in 1982. Economic
Equity Act introduced in Congress. This was an omnibus bill proposing broad
reforms in public and private pension law, in tax policy, and in insurance and
government regulations to improve the economic status of women. County of
Washington v.

Social Security Law And Policy

Author: Terry Carney
Publisher: Federation Press
ISBN: 9781862875753
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When Family Tax Benefit (FTB) commenced in July 2000, some parts of the rate
calculation shifted to FTB, such as the way 'maintenance' income is handled. The
payment now pays two ... (Cass, 1984a: 9). Despite reforms such as equal pay for
women and equal opportunity laws, ongoing market discrepancies in labour
force participation rates (especially in full- time work), gender segmentation in the
distribution of work and relative disadvantage in enterprise bargaining (Burke ...

The Women S Economic Justice Agenda

Author: National Center for Policy Alternatives
Publisher: Center for Policy Alternatives
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ideas for the states National Center for Policy Alternatives Linda Tarr-Whelan,
Lynne Crofton Isensee. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION Publications l983
Dependent Care Tax Credit Data, National Women's Law Center, l6l6 P Street,
N.W., Washington, DC 20036, l986. Dependent Care Tax Provisions in the States
, National Women's Law Center, January l987. The Impact of the Tax Reform Act
of l986 on Women, National Women's Law Center, December l986. Summary of
Key Tax ...

Double Jeopardy

Author: Lorna A. Turnbull
Publisher: Canadian Scholars’ Press
ISBN: 1894549112
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INCOME—TAX RULES AND MOTHERWORK As long as the disparity in wealth [
between women and men] continues and social programs and subsidies are
delivered through the tax system in their current manner, [the inequality faced by
women] will continue. — Claire Young, “(In)visible Inequalities: Women, Tax and
Poverty,” Ottawa Law Review INCOME—TAX RULES, AND THE POLICY they
reflect, represent a signifi— cant form of economic regulation that greatly affects
many ...