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"You'll be dead if I call the manager. He's karate -- black belt." "I'm Robinhood --
green belt. Karate can't stop a well aimed arrow." Bare chest cracked his chain
against the cash desk. "Tell the fart Jerry is out to get him with a German luger in
perfect fire power." With their exit, Julio came out from his peephole, had Lazli
dismiss the customers yet to flee, had her collect the two drink minimum for drinks
they had no time for, locked the door, and tore his sawed-off shotgun out of the
brown ...

God Is A Bedlamite

Author: Katie Salvo
Publisher: Creators Publishing
ISBN: 194563023X
Size: 15.40 MB
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Through this work of literary fiction, God is a Bedlamite: Channeling Elisabeth Nietzsche, Katie Salvo explores the rise and fall of the incestuous relationship between Elisabeth and Friedrich and the ensuing impact their love affair may ...


Author: Sir Compton Mackenzie
Size: 40.83 MB
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If it feels like kicking over an ash can, a poet 's castle, or the prosodic law, will vou
stop it? fart it always he a polite triad, a "breve gaudium, "a ribbon to match the
voice? ^hould it not be free at times from the dominion of the thorax, the
diaphragm, the ear. and other points of interest? it wants to beat around in the
valley, to throw stones up the pyramids, or to sleep in the park, should it not have
some immunity from a Nemesis, a Rameses, or a policeman ? Should it not have
a chance to ...

The Secret

Author: Rhonda Byrne
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0731815297
Size: 73.26 MB
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In this book, you’ll learn how to use The Secret in every aspect of your life—money, health, relationships, happiness, and in every interaction you have in the world.

Poultry Tribune

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at a cost of a fraction of a cent! Compare this economy with other methods! De-
beaking is easy, fast and well proven. Super Debeaker* lasts for years and many
have treated over a million birds! Debeaking protects birds at any age. Super
Debeaker* only ... 8innle deck, double deck, biiek to bark and pyramid. Write for
complete farts and prices. You always grt More for Your Money at LAWLER

John Dies At The End

Author: David Wong
Publisher: HarperCollins Australia
ISBN: 1743097808
Size: 66.94 MB
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" Don Coscarelli, Director, PHANtASM I-IV, BUBBA HO-tEP "compelling-against-all-odds ... laugh-out-loud funny" KIRKUS REVIEWS "the book's smart take on fear manages to tap into readers' existential dread on one page, then have them laughing ...

Naked Lunch

Author: William S. Burroughs
Publisher: Grove Press
ISBN: 9780802132956
Size: 24.81 MB
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Bill Lee, an addict-hustler, travels to Mexico and then Tangier in order to find easy access to drugs, and ends up in the Interzone, a bizarre fantasy world


Author: Laura Hillenbrand
Publisher: Perfection Learning
ISBN: 9781627655613
Size: 14.92 MB
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Originally published: New York: Random House, c2010.