Soldiers Of Reason

Author: Alex Abella
Publisher: HMH
ISBN: 015603512X
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With Soldiers of Reason, Alex Abella shares a “well-researched” history of America’s last half century that casts a new light on our problematic present (San Francisco Chronicle).

Satan S Looming Identity Crisis The Final War In The Age Of Reason

Author: I. A. Mallone
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing
ISBN: 1434941566
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These soldiers of deceit are the five finite and limited organs where the various
sense perceptions are believed to reside within the so-called, physical body.
Relentlessly they seem to pour forth their false evidence and lies to convince you
that the resultant illusion-idea of the physical, objective universe and physical
bodies including yours is the real deal and this is where your supposed, finite,
material life tenaciously resides. Eyes seem to testify that it all certainly looks to
be a material ...

The Culture Of Military Innovation

Author: Dima Adamsky
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 0804773807
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... Swords and Shields: NATO, the USSR, and New Choices for Long-Range
Offense and Defense (Lexington, MA: Lexington Books, 1987); Alex Abella,
Soldiers of Reason (Orlando, FL: Harcourt Books, 2008), p. 277. 57 Krepinevich,
Military-Technical Revolution, pp. i–iv. 58 Fred C. Ikle and Albert Wohlstetter,
Discriminate Deterrence: Report of the Commission on Integrated Long-Term
Strategy (Washington, DC: DoD, 1988), pp. 8, 29, 49, 65; Bacevich, New
American Militarism, pp.

The Rand Corporation 1989 2009

Author: J. Samaan
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137057351
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Thomson and Rich took the opportunityto present a statistical evaluation of their
institute. Sixty yearsafterits inception,RAND showed ayearly turnoverofover$200
million, employed about1,500 people, and ran fiveoffices in theUnited States (
Santa Monica, Washington, Pittsburgh,Jackson, and New Orleans), two in
Europe(Cambridge, Brussels),andone in Qatar (Doha). A fewdays earlier
AlexAbella, anindependent American journalist, had publisheda workcalled
Soldiers of Reason:The ...

Road To Iraq

Author: Muhammad Idrees Ahmad
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 0748693041
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Abella, Alex, Soldiers of Reason: The Rand Corporation and the Rise of the
American Empire (Orlando and London: Harcourt, 2008). Abelson, Donald E., A
Capitol Idea: Think Tanks and US Foreign Policy (Montreal and London: McGill-
Queen's University Press, 2006). Abrahamian, Ervand, 'The US Media,
Huntington and September 11', Third World Quarterly, 24:3 (2003), pp. 529–44.
Abrams, Elliott, Faith or Fear: How Jews Can Survive in a Christian America (New
York: Free Press, ...

Imperial Subjects

Author: Colin Mooers
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1441164936
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Soldiers of Reason: The Rand Corporation and the Rise of the American Empire.
New York: Mariner Books, 2009. Adorno, Theodor W. Negative Dialectics. New
York: Continuum, 2000. Albritton, Robert. 'Superseding Lukács: A Contribution to
the Theory of Subjectivity'. In New Dialectics and Political Economy, edited by
Robert Albritton and John Simoulidis, 42–59. New York: Palgrave MacMillan,
2003. ———. Economics Transformed: Discovering the Brilliance of Marx.
London: Pluto ...

The Comparative Coincidence Of Reason And Scripture

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23, and Isa. lxii. 1.) But to proceed in the history. " Then as the priests and people
of the Jews continued their clamorous demand that Jesus should be crucified,
Pilate thought it most advisable to seem at least to consent to it, and therefore
took Jesus and scourged him, hoping that after He had been severely scourged,
the rage of the populace would be something abated, and they might at last be
prevailed upon to consent that He should be dismissed. Then the soldiers of the
governor ...

Faith And The Life Of Reason

Author: Y. King-Farlow
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401029105
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Or does he really mean (if he reflects harder) to say only (V2b) that wars at any
time which threaten mass destruction (by atom or by spear) of genuine non-
combatants must be unjustifiable, but that wars at any time which involve death
and suffering only for the soldiers of both sides (and only a small number of
soldiers at that) may be justifiable? If he opts for V2, he must get clearer still and
clarify his position about revolutionary civil wars 230 FAITH AND THE LIFE OF

The Age Of Reason

Author: M. A. Raheem &Mervyn C. Charles
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1462807704
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Governor Herod from Galilee was present in Jerusalem that day andhewould not
have made the journey without aguard of soldiers, which would have given
support toPilate's soldiers since Pilate had custody of Barabbas whowas
convictedof murder and sedition androbbery, (Luke23:19, John 18: 40)andsince
theconflict between theMessiah and the Jewish Sanhedrin would nothave gone
unnoticed bythe Romans as thechief priestsand Scribes hadlong before planned
to“deliver him ...

Black Soldiers Of The Queen

Author: P. S. Thompson
Publisher: University of Alabama Press
ISBN: 0817353682
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We frankly doubted that those who pulled it down either knew or cared that it
represented an African soldier. Doubt in this instance arose from the fact that so
little has been said or written about the African soldier in the Anglo-Zulu war that
he is virtually its unknown soldier. About half of the British army which invaded
Zululand in 1879 consisted of African soldiers, yet the ample literature on the war
contains very little about them. And the reason for this is partly political, partly