Small Homes

Author: Lloyd Kahn
Publisher: Shelter Publications
ISBN: 9780936070681
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The average American home is 2,500 sq. ft. The tiny home averages 200-300 sq. ft. The small homes here are 400-1200 sq. ft. -- the middle ground -- not too big, not too small (a la Goldilocks).

ISBN: 9789748918884
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War Monuments Museums And Library Collections Of 20th Century Conflicts

Author: Steve Rajtar
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 1476612374
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There remains a large community building and park shelter, plus a small
caretaker's house, built of native stone by the W.P.A. during the ¡930s. ... The
museum contains furnishings from the ¡930s and ¡940s, about ¡00 war history
books, minutes and sign-in books from state and national meetings of the former
United Spanish War Veterans, and other military and personal items donated by
the ... This is a life-size bronze figure of a running soldier, with right arm raised
and rifle in hand.

Big Little House

Author: Donna Kacmar
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317688961
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While part of a trend to address growing concerns about minimising consumption and lack of affordable housing, the book demonstrates that small dwellings are not always simply the result of budget constraints but constitute a deliberate ...

Literature Circles

Author: Mimi Neamen
Publisher: Libraries Unlimited
ISBN: 9780872879874
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Go to the library and find information about these two northeastern Native
American groups. You may also refer to page 51 in the text. Find likenesses and
differences in their food, transportation, homes and shelters, clothing, customs,
religious beliefs, and art symbols (p. 27). Organize and arrange your information
on a ... Constructing a Cupboard Construct a cupboard with small compartments
that contain items representative of the book. The author provides colorful
descriptions of ...

Cottage Residences

Author: Andrew Jackson Downing
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our dwellings is most appropriate, when it embodies and breathes forth a home
expression ; a character to which we think the rural Gothic, with its quaint,
independent, comfortable, and extended air, seems fully to lay claim. In arranging
the plan of the ... The vestibule opens on the left into a pleasant little room, 12 by
18 feet, which may be devoted to a study, or library, and neatly fitted up with book
-cases. In building, it will be found that recesses may be left in the walls for these
book- ...

The King S Corrodian

Author: Pat McIntosh
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1472101073
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Chancing to look out in the night, he clearly saw the Devil rise up above the
house and fly away. ... The Bishop set his dog on the floor, where it began
yapping at Socrates again, and Prior Boyd rang a little bell on his desk. ... 'How
big is your library, sir?' Gil asked. 'Oh, it's a good size,' said the Bishop, before the
Prior could answer. 'Near a hundred books, many othem new print, besides the
study copies o Peter o Spain and Peter Lombard. I borrow from it mysel, by
David's grace.

Boys Life

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Mark Snyder, Perrysburg, Ohio. I wish there were as many good stories around
as there are books on birdhouses. Ask your librarian for Bird Feeders and
Shelters You Can Make, by Ted Pettit. It includes two types of houses for martins.
If it's not available, your librarian will have other books to help you. 00 10-
SPEEDS! No matter where you're going or what you're doing these days . . .
arrive in style on a Vista Esquire 10 -speed . . . # 1 on anybody's Christmas gift list
. Just the right size ...

House Beautiful

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A very good example of this state of mind was shown by a gentleman who, after
long years of hard toil, had accumulated enough money to build a home which
he had been dreaming about all his life. Of course his .... “Architects are good
enough on little, puttering jobs like book cases, but on a good-sized job like a
sixteen-room house and garage, it is the plumbing contractor, the heating-man,
the electrician and the general contractor who really produce the results.” (Thank
Heaven ...

Old House Journal

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It could be the embodiment of contemporary geometric invention, or a steadfast,
timeless form suggesting nature and rustic survival. It was a place to hide out or a
place to show off. From Nathaniel Owings's grand design overlooking Big Sur to
the small plywood shacks advertised in Field and Stream, there was an A-frame
for almost every budget. It was strong, easy to build, and seemed appropriate in
any setting. Perhaps most appealing, the A-frame was different with an
individuality ...