Sacrifice Cult And Atonement In Early Judaism And Christianity

Author: Henrietta L. Wiley
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Textual Evidence for Number of Hands in Hand Placement Reference Subject
Masoretic DSS LXX Category 1 Exod 29:10 plural En T. – Tôg Xäpag astáv Exod
29:15 plural En T. – Tôg Xäpag astáv Exod 29:19 plural En T. — Tóg Xäpag
astáv Lev 1:4 singular it. is T (4Q25) toy Xcipa LeV 1:10 singular --- – Toy Xeipa
LeV 3:2 singular it. [1]+ (4Q25) Tâg Xápag LeV 3:8 singular it. – Tôg Xäpag LeV 3
:13 singular it. – Tôg Xäpag Lev 4:4 singular it. TT" (4Q25) Toy Xeipa aúToč LeV
4:15 ...

Algebraic Geometry

Author: L. Badescu
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=h-2, i. i. i.) T is smooth at these points, i v ) the entries of Ah-? (a .) van ish at the
points P where A*-*(o") is 3 ero, v) at the points where rank (c.")=h-3, T consists of
3 smooth transversal branches vi ) o sat is files (R. C.) O is said to be ordinary if
more over v i i ) 2 has ordinary singular it i e s (i. e. Y. – T is smooth, at the smooth
point 3 of T Y. has singular it i es of type (5.6) (I) (II), and at the triple points of T X
has a singular point of type (5.12) ). Now let's consider, after that integers 9. ., W.,

Finite Groups Iii

Author: B. Huppert
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there. exists. a. 6-invariant. C-bilinear. form. b on V and b is symmetric and non-
singular, by 8.4. By 8.1, there exists a 6-invariant positive definite Hermitean form
h on V. Given v e V, there is a linear form f on V defined by vf = b(v, v'). As h is non
-singular, it follows that there exists a unique v" e V such that vf = h(v, v"), as is
well-known. Put v" = v't. Thus t is a mapping of V into itself and (1) b(v, v') = h(v, v't
). It is easily verified that (v1 + v.2)t = v1t + v2t. For a e C, h(v, (av)t) = b(v, av') = a(
b(v, ...


Author: Penelope Brown
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Person-number switches in Tamil pronoun usage Actual singular referent Forms
used Literal meaning Speaker Addressee Third person: male naan atui naanka
naam nil atu niirt niinka naam taankat avaan atu avaar avaanka/aviika Third
person: female ava atu avaanka/aviika T 'it' 'we' (exclusive) 'we' (inclusive) 'you' (
singular) 'it' archaic 'you' (plural); now "you' (singular) with connotations of
respectful equality 'you' (plural) 'we' (inclusive) 'themselves' 'he' (singular) 'it'
archaic 'they', ...

Systems Control Modeling And Optimization

Author: F. Ceragioli
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THEOREM 7 As sumeT^,T^ to be bang along an extremal. Then, if the extremal is
t\- singular it is of infinite order. Proof. To determine the order of a t\ -singular
extremal, we must find the order of the derivative at which t\ arises for the first time
. A simple computation show that: Xu = —Xx cos 9 + Xz sin 9 — Xwq (20) A„ = 2q(
Xx sin# + Xz cos 9) — Xw — (21) We can easily generalize and see that the only
control that can appear in any derivatives of the function A„ is the control T5 and
the ...

A Study Of Heteroclinic Orbits For A Class Of Fourth Order Ordinary Differential Equations

Author: Denis Bonheure
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Denis Bonheure. Si f satisfait f(t,u) = +∞ limsup u→+∞ pour presque tout t, cette
condition est ́egalement remplie lorsque h est born ́ee sup ́erieurement. D'autres
alternatives pour obtenir des sur- et sous-solutions sont propos ́ees dans D.
Bonheure et C. De Coster [BDC]. L'hypoth`ese (b) permet d'obtenir une borne a
priori inf ́erieure sur les solutions. Le fait de supposer que la singularit ́e est forte
implique qu'une solution aurait besoin d'une “ ́energie” infinie pour toucher la
singularit ...

Classical Algebraic Geometry

Author: Igor V. Dolgachev
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107017653
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237 (2008), 137-50. I. Pan, Les applications rationnelles de P" déterminantielles
de degré n. Ann. Acad. Brasil. Cienc. 71 (1999), 311—19. B. Pascal, Essais pour
les Coniqnes, Oeuvres Completes de Blaise Pascal, v. II, édition de Ch. Lahure,
Paris, 1858. E. Pascal, Repertorinm der Höheren Mathematik, Bd.2: Geometrie,
Teubniger, Leipzig, 1910. M. Pash, Ueber die Brennflächen der strahlsysterne
und die Singularit't'enflache, J. Reine Angew. Math. 67 (1873), 156—69. U.
Perazzo ...

The Complete Court Keeper Or Land Steward S Assistant The Fourth Edition With Large Additions And Amendments And The Precedents In English

Author: Giles Jacob
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At this Court Licenec is granted to France: II. os," To. Widow, to dcmise her
Messuage or Tenement, with all and singular it's Appurtenances in T: wirhin the
Manor aForesaid, now in the Tenure os the said Frmzcrt, or her Affigns, For the
Term of' her Widewhood, or any Parcel thereos, to any proper Under-Tenant or
Under-Tenants, from the Feast os the Annunciation os the Blessed Virgin A/ary
now next ensuing, for the Term os TWentyone Years thence next ensuing, is the
Eflate os the ...

Act Of Consciousness

Author: Adamus Saint-Germain
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Consciousness is all yours and only yours. It can never be infiltrated with any
programming or with anyone else's consciousness. You cannot commingle
consciousnesses. Consciousness absolutely cannot be taken over, penetrated or
taken away by anybody else. It is and always will be your own. Consciousness is
singular. It's really broad, big, wide and deep, but it's singular. It doesn't need all
the separation. It doesn't need anyone other than itself, not even God. Thoughts
need ...