Road Racer

Author: Michael Dunlop
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But despite these tragic losses Michael was undeterred and, two days after his father's death, he returned to the North West, and won. The next year Michael won his first TT, joining both his father and uncle in the record books.

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Alberto Salazar S Guide To Road Racing

Author: Alberto Salazar
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
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Since these are largely a problem in longer races, they are discussed in chapter
15, on marathon running. Digestive Upsets Digestive problems during a race are
usually due to eating too soon before the event or eating or drinking the wrong
thing before or during the race. Some runners, however, experience digestive
upsets a few hours after the race. Sports medicine author Tim Noakes, who
suffers from this problem, dubs it the "runner's trots," and posits that it might be
due to some ...

That Was The Way Of It

Author: Patrick J. Devlin
Publisher: Mercier Press Ltd
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of the farm was devoted to flax, or 'lint', as we called it. Irish linen still played a
leading role in the fabrics industry and lint was a good economic proposition for
growers. My three months' contract was nearly finished. A day or two before the
May rabbles, I was invited to stay on for the summer period. With the quarry bug
fresh in my blood, I accepted. I went home for ... It was no ordinary machine but a
road-racer, complete with dropped handlebars, three-speed gears - the lot! Every
wee ...

Scientific American

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I know the feeling because it happened to me in 1985 on the long climb out of
Albuquerque during the 3,000-mile, nonstop transcontinental Race Across
America. On the outskirts of town I had caught up with the second-place rider (
and eventual winner), Jonathan Boyer, a svelte road racer who was the first
American to compete in the Tour de France. About halfway up the leg-breaking
climb, that familiar wave of crushing fatigue swept through my legs as I gulped for
oxygen in my ...


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In reality, these pieces of art are no more than bits and pieces of accumulated
junk, welded and molded together into lines as smooth and flowing as a Grand
Prix road race motorcycle ever appeared. ... Everything I see in the street or in the
junkpile is brought back to my studio and thrown in the appropriate box. Then,
when I ... That is certainly the locale that will set a young man's blood afire with
racing, and it was with motorcycles that Gallagher was quickly drawn into a love

Road And Track

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I had never been a runner but there was an indoor running track there and I ran
and worked out." Despite a romance with Budweiser later in life, Paul has
maintained a rigorous workout schedule. "During my drinking days, I used to do it
as penance. I got up every morning — when you're making a film, sometimes you
get up at 4 o'clock in the morning — to work out for an hour." When he started
racing, the one thing he had to strengthen were his hands. "I can run any
racetrack now for ...

An Independent Man

Author: Eddie Jordan
Publisher: Hachette UK
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The Falls Road is the Catholic stronghold and the two areas are backtoback.
When I finally made my way to Kinaine's, one of the guys came out of the
workshop and the blood drained from his face when I explained where I had
been. 'Bloody hell!' he exploded. 'What the fuck did you think you were doing?
This,' pointing to the truck with its Irish Tricolour, 'would've been torched, no
problem, if the lads had seen it! They'll be waiting for you if you go back that way.'
I had absolutely no ...

Runner S World

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I reached down to investigate but found no blood. later, llearned that the sound
came from my cuboid bone rotating sharply out of position. Fortunately, the foot
healed fast, and I didn't let this one mishap my passion for trail running. Just four
weeks later, Iwas ready for another racemy Smile leg in the Hatcher Pass
100Mile Relay in Palmer, Alaska. And I had learned an important lesson: keep
your eyes down. Yes, trail running has its hazards, ranging from foot injuries to
bug bites to ...