Author: David Platt
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They claimChrist is necessary for salvation, yet they live their Christianity in
silence,as if people around them in the world will indeed be okayin the
endwithout Christ. ... living each day as though it's not absolutely urgent totell
others about Christ, then I invite youto approach this chapter considering the
practical and eternal implications of what the Bibleteaches. Let'snot forget what's
at stake. We have already seen thatmore than 4.5 billion people in the world
today are without Christ.

Radical Research

Author: John Schostak
Publisher: Routledge
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Smugglers rake in around €4 billion (£2.7 billion) a year from the EU, reckons
Michael Jandl, of the International Centre for Migration Policy Development, an
intergovernmental think-tank based in Vienna. (Legrain 2006: 38) And within
each state there are ... Evaluation, then, is radical to the extent that it manifests
what is at stake for whomsoever, in terms of the rights to be involved in decisions
about the distribution of resources. By identifying the principles under which
resources are ...

Radicals On The Road

Author: Judy Tzu-Chun Wu
Publisher: Cornell University Press
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Instituted from 1948 to 1952, this package alone siphoned thirteen billion U.S.
dollars from the national budget. Concurrent with this economic aid, the United
States committed its troops to the Korean War, the first conflict in which inte—
grated military units were deployed. After fighting over a period of three years,
1950-1953, the war ended with a stalemate, the loss of over fifty—four thousand
American lives, and fifty—four billion dollars in expenditures. In this tense political
context, ...

Religion And The Implications Of Radical Life Extension

Author: C. Mercer
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230100724
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In the more likely scenarios, the capacity of some persons to extend their lives
will be set in the current matrix of political and economic forces. It will surely be
seen ... resources to obtain it. In the less likely scenario in which it is readily
obtainable and accessed by billions, an additional set of questions is raised,
focused especially on natural resources. ... By definition, current disparities in
health care would be compounded, with the stakes raised for poor and rich alike.
One immediate ...

Radical Future Pasts

Author: Romand Coles
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 0813145546
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Taking up this challenge requires asking of our arguments or debates one of
Euben's recurring questions: “What is at stake—and what, specifically, for the
movements and meanings of democratization? ... As neoliberal configurations
rapidly eviscerate democratic life, jeopardize the immediate survival of billions of
human beings, and threaten an ecological catastrophe of planetary proportions;
as the “changing–same” of white supremacy reinvents Jim Crow as a racialized
gulag ...

The Citizen S Stake

Author: Will Paxton
Publisher: Policy Press
ISBN: 1861347006
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Fatalism easily shades into a conservatism from which standpoint any idea for
radical change – whether it be to increase IHT to pay for a generous citizen's
inheritance (as proposed by White), or to abolish IHT (as proposed by
Pennington) – seems unrealistic: 'They'd have to find the 2.4 billion elsewhere [if
we abolished IHT].' (female, 23, Oxford) 'In an ideal world I'd like ... on the basic
hypothecation issue. Table 2.3:Views on hypothecation at the start and end of 28
The citizen's stake.

Radical E

Author: Joel Kurtzman
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471150851
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does business—from supplies to marketing—using the Internet. According to
BusinessWeek, because of new e-commerce initiatives as well as other
restructuring efforts, Nestle's net profit rose nearly 35 percent in the first half of
2000 to $1.7 billion. ... What we have presented in Radical E are companies that
have gotten the basics right, that have established table stakes to the game, and
that have met or exceeded those stakes. The lessons they offer are many, but the
foundation for ...

A Radical Green Political Theory

Author: Alan Carter
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136290281
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If it is our moral obligation to 'wade in' when in so doing we would prevent harm
befalling an innocent, then it is, surely, also our moral obligation to 'wade in'
when one person is acting so as to endanger an innocent person's life. So, while
... generations, it is surely incontrovertible that we are presently acting so as to be
running a significant risk of so doing — indeed, acting so as to be running a
significant risk of causing billions of future people almost unimaginable suffering.
But that is ...

Free Radical

Author: Vince Cable
Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd
ISBN: 1848874383
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It soon became clear that the government had taken on a vast, openended
commitment to lending enormous sums – up to £30 billion – with only partial
security; that the senior management had indeed behaved very badly; and that
the government's ... We advocated temporary public ownership as the best way of
protecting the state's enormous stake in the bank and ensuring that any upside
from a subsequent sale would accrue to the taxpayer, not to someone like
Richard Branson.

What Is Radical Politics Today

Author: J. Pugh
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230251145
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It would provide reasons why technological trajectories must bear reasonable
relationships to the lives people want to live, as opposed to those that inventors
have made possible. Piecemeal acknowledgement of the ... In turn, more critically
aware civic understandings of what is at stake in innovation will help lay the
groundwork for a global charter of rights and responsibilities, giving voice to
those who will be most affected by innovation's advances. Through strategic
analysis and ...