Author: Dennis Adler
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An illustrated history of the German automaker traces the evolution of the company's signature sports cars and the people who have designed them, discussing the development of the Volkswagen and the evolution of the 911.

The Classic Era

Author: Beverly Rae Kimes
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Paul Daimler left Horch; Fritz Fiedler (formerly of Stoewer) and Hans Schleicher (
responsible for BMW's sports motorcycles) came aboard, charged with
developing the company's second generation eight. Meanwhile Hermann Ahrens
' superb styling continued to bring in stylish customers. Ferdinand Porsche left
Daimler-Benz in his usual style; he blew up at a board meeting and resigned.
Longtime company engineer Hans Nibel moved into his job, as well as his villa in
Stuttgart which ...

The Art Of The Classic Sports Car

Author: Stuart Codling
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In the classic era of the sports car, particularly the interwar and immediate
postwar years, a make-do-and-mend spirit often forged connections between
racing cars and their production counterparts. The British “garagiste” formula
racing ... Later in the century, homologation regulations would prompt the likes of
Porsche and Ferrari to “bet big” and commit to production runs of out-and-out
race cars simply to meet the minimum-build requirements. But big beasts of this
ilk—such as the ...

Original Porsche 911 1964 1998

Author: Peter Morgan
Publisher: Motorbooks
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These require careful assessment by somebody who has experience with the
911. The same applies to blisters anywhere on the exterior. It is also easy for the
unscrupulous to conceal such corrosion with filler and a quick repaint. The
911SC and Carrera 3.2 represent the best options in the late-classic era 911s.
From the start of the 1978 model year, the 911SC has the more reliable Turbo-
based 930 engine. Being air-cooled, the engine oil plays a part in cooling as well
as lubricating.

Porsche 928 924 944 And 968

Author: Marc Cranswick
Publisher: McFarland
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Even Porsche were entering the party with capacity increases that saw the
classic 9¡¡ flat six grow from 2.0 to 2.7 liters by ¡973. Reality was about to interrupt
the speed dream. Escalating insurance costs and the first gas crunch of late ¡973
teamed up to burst the bubble. Suddenly your personal escape pod had
morphed from a 460-cubic-inch T-bird into a ¡974 Cologne 2.8V6-motivated
Mustang II Mach ¡. Well, at least real duals were still available! The era of the
luxury compact was ...

Porsche Carrera

Author: Johnny Tipler
Publisher: Crowood
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The Air-Cooled Era, 1953-1998 Johnny Tipler. CHAPTER TWELVE THE 993
CARRERA 2 AND 4, S, RS AND GT2 THE 993 CARRERA In 1993 the 911 was ...
Although the 964's traditional front wings with their standup headlights have been
suppressed, and the prominent bumper panels kneaded to nothing front and rear
, the 993 still contrives to perpetuate the classic body shape. And now, almost two
decades after it gave way to the massproduced, watercooled 996, it has become

The Book Of The Classic Mv Agusta Fours

Author: Ian Falloon
Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1845842030
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Series Alpine Trials & Rallies 1910-1973 (Pfundner) American 'Independent'
Automakers – AMC to Willys 1945 to 1960 (Mort) American Station Wagons –
The Golden Era 1950-1975 (Mort) American Trucks of the 1950s (Mort) American
Trucks ... (Blackburn) Porsche 911 (964) (Streather) Porsche 911 (993) (Streather
) Porsche 911 (996) (Streather) Porsche 911 SC (Streather) Porsche 928 (
Hemmings) Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow & Bentley T-Series (Bobbitt) Subaru
Impreza (Hobbs) ...

Porsche Racing Cars

Author: Brian Long
Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1904788459
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There was that awful feeling of déjà vu,just like in the early 1970s when a
glorious era came to an abrupt end, and few could envisage what the future held.
The Group C cars had provided the same sort of excitement as the classic sports-
racers of the 1960s for a new generation of race fans, but there was nothing in
the pipeline that could even remotely be promoted as a suitable alternative.
Having announced it was doomed, some last-minute negotiations saw to it that
those who'd ...

Porsche Boxster

Author: Brian Long
Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1845848047
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... Era (Carter) Motor Racing – The Pursuit of Victory 1930-1962 (Carter) Motor
Racing – The Pursuit of Victory 1963-1972 (Wyatt/Sears) Motor Racing Heroes –
The Stories of 100 Greats (Newman) Motorcycle Apprentice (Cakebread)
Motorcycle GP Racing in the 1960s (Pereira) Motorcycle Road & Racing Chassis
Designs (Noakes) Motorhomes, The Illustrated History (Jenkinson) Motorsport In
colour, 1950s (Wainwright) MV Agusta Fours, The book of the classic (Falloon)
N.A.R.T. ...

The Classic Porsche

Author: Mike McCarthy
ISBN: 9780671075293
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Porsche's sporting life can be divided roughly into four periods. There were the
early days, the 1950s, with the 356- based cars. This was followed by the
roadable, Carrera- engined machines. In the 1960s the mid-engined sports/
racers slowly began to dominate the non-single-seater scene, culminating in the
917s. The 1970s can only be classified as the (Fuhrmann Philosophy) 911/9 30
era. The first recorded win by a Porsche was on 1 1 July 1948, when Herbert
Kaes took the very ...