Author: Allen Weinstein
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This third edition of Perjury brings the controversial Alger Hiss case up to date with evidence that has only come to light in the past two decades.


Author: Allen Weinstein
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The Hiss-Chambers Case Allen Weinstein. misunderstanding. I shall keep alert,
but so far have not changed my judgment.”90 Later that year, in appearing before
HUAC, Hiss claimed to have heard thename“Whittaker Chambers” initially ...

Early Cold War Spies

Author: John Earl Haynes
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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coverage and more angry debate than any of ... not only predominated at the time
but has continued in the more than fifty years since Hiss was convicted of perjury.

Zechariah Chafee Jr Defender Of Liberty And Law

Author: Donald L. Smith
Publisher: Harvard University Press
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Allen Weinstein, Perjury: The Hiss-Chambers Case (New York, 1979), xvi.
Weinstein, who assesses the major conspiracy theories in an appendix, refers to
the "partisan exhortation [that] has characterized almost every book written on the

Historians In Trouble

Author: Jon Wiener
Publisher: New Press, The
ISBN: 1595588523
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Allen Weinstein, Perjury: The Hiss-Chambers Case (New York: Knopf, 1978);
Victor Navasky, “Allen Weinstein's 'Perjury': The Case Not Proved Against Alger
Hiss,” The Nation, April 8, 1978, 393–401. Victor Navasky, letter to the editor,
New ...

Cbs S Don Hollenbeck

Author: Loren Ghiglione
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A.J. Liebling depicted Hiss as a lamb being led to journalistic slaughter—trial by
newspaper. The historian Allen Weinstein, author of Perjury: The Hiss-Chambers
Case (1978), said Liebling was “an adviser and tipster for Hiss's lawyers.

Historical Dictionary Of The 1950s

Author: James Stuart Olson
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Chambers claimed that Hiss had given him the microfilm. Because the statute of
limitations had expired on the crime of treason, Hiss was indicted for perjury. Hiss
went on trial in 1949, but the case ended up in a hung jury. Later in 1949, a ...

Ghosts On The Roof

Author: Whittaker Chambers
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 9781412824590
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A partial checklist of Chambers's early writings appears in Allen Weinstein's
Perjury: The Hiss-Chambers Case (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1978). Articles
published in Time during Chambers's tenure there were unsigned. Prior to 1948,
Time ...

Alger Hiss The True Story

Author: John Chabot Smith
Publisher: Holt McDougal
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A fully documented account and analysis of the in-camera and behind-the-scenes events, figures, and ingredients of the Hiss hearings and trials, subjecting Whittaker Chambers, Richard Nixon, and others to new scrutiny and judgment.