Outposts On The Frontier

Author: Jay Chladek
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Outposts on the Frontier delves into the intriguing stories behind the USAF Manned Orbiting Laboratory, the Almaz and Salyut programs, Skylab, the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, Spacelab, Mir station, Spacehab, and the ISS and gives past-due ...

The North East Frontier Of India

Author: Sir Alexander Mackenzie
Publisher: Mittal Publications
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s a rising among the Garos, and Major Peet had some difliculty in bringing
together 100 or 150 men to put it down ; but, and at the same time, I do not think it
is too small, and I propose for the present to make no change in the strength of
the Frontier Police in tho Garo Hills or in their location. 10. As to the manner in
which these outposts should be fortified, I beg leave to refer to paragraph 9 of my
note on the Cachar outposts. Since writing that note, I visited the new stockades
made by ...

Alaska America S Continental Frontier Outpost

Author: Ernest Pillsbury Walker
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South and North Greenland are divided into 13 Districts, each of which is
subdivided into outposts.5 These, with their population in 1927 were as follows:
Europeans Greenlanders South Greenland 92 8,014 Julianehaab District, with 8
outposts 26 3,518 Frederikshaab District, with 3 outposts 5 981 Godthaab District,
with 4 outposts 37 1,276 Sukkertoppen District, with 3 outposts 17 1,363
Holsteinborg District, with 3 outposts 7 876 North Greenland 99 6,819
Egedesminde District, with ...

Utah Art Utah Artists

Author: Vern G. Swanson
Publisher: Gibbs Smith
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... the first outposts of the frontier. Miller was born in Baltimore, but it was while
painting portraits in New Orleans that he was drawn to join an expedition being
organized to explore the Rocky Mountain area in 1837. William Warner Major (
1804-1854) was the first Mormon painter to arrive in Utah (1848). Originally from
Great Britain, he spent five years headquartered in Salt Lake City, painting
provincial portraits and making visits to various locations in the area to render
both landscape ...

Empire Of Shadows

Author: George Black
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
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To the dismay of the Montana settlers, the government had recently (if briefly)
embarked on a new Indian policy, one that emphasized conquest by kindness.
The policy shift was accompanied by a wholesale change in command, from the
highest echelons of power in Washington, D.C., to the most remote outposts on
the frontier. At its apex was a triumvirate of Civil War heroes: General Ulysses S.
Grant, who assumed the presidency in March 1869; General William Tecumseh
Sherman ...

Robidoux Chronicles

Author: Hugh M. Lewis
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With British control, it was one of the few outposts on the frontier kept open during
a period of turbulence when the British withdrew from the frontier. The British
authorities had a difficult time controlling free French traders who worked from
Louisiana country and who traded up and down the Illinois and Ohio River
between Detroit and New Orleans.39 Detroit also maintained its century-old
importance as the center of fur trade on the lower lakes. To this post came furs
from Ohio, Indiana, ...

The Last Frontier

Author: Antony Kamm
Publisher: Neil Wilson Publishing
ISBN: 1906476365
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162–166 Emergence of Maeatae 165–167 Ulpius Marcellus governor in Britain
180–192 Hadrian's Wall again the frontier Outposts in Scotland abandoned
Clodius Albinus emperor in Britain 193–211 Virius Lupus appeases Caledonians
197 and Maeatae Severus invades Scotland 203 Caledonians and Maeatae
make 212 further trouble Caracalla abandons northern exploratores Unrest in
Britannia. Scots join Picts in raids around. c. 215 260–271 286–296 c. 297 297
306 c.

Standing In The Gap

Author: Loyd Uglow
Publisher: TCU Press
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With only passing mention of outposts such as Grierson's Spring, Van Horn's Wells, and Pecos Station in these texts, the stories of minor posts have gone, for the most part, untold.".

Conflict In The Southern Cone

Author: George v Rauch
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Furthermore, in order to consolidate the frontier, the cabildo sought to establish
military colonies, agricultural settlements in which members of the militia would
be granted lands, farm animals, and agricultural implements. Salto, Sanjón,
Laguna Brava, and Laguna de los Lobos became the first outposts in what would
later become a permanent line of defense to guard the frontier against Indian
attacks.25 When the Viceroyalty of the Rio de la Plata was established in 1776,
Pedro de ...