Our Theatres To Day And Yesterday

Author: Ruth Crosby Dimmick
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Beginning of the drama on Manhattan Island and the troublous days of early managers and players, with anecdotal account of the growth of the amusement industry.

The Cambridge History Of American Theatre

Author: Don B. Wilmeth
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521651790
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Format: PDF
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Sources on New York's theatres include Henderson's 77ie City and the Theatre;
Dim- mick's Our Theatres To-Day and Yesterday (1913); and Van Hoogstraten's
Lost Broadway Theatres (Princeton Architectural Press, 1991). Except for Carter
and Cole's book on Joseph Urban, information on theatre architects is difficult to
come by and is found only in monographs, encycopedias, or all- inclusive
chapters in larger histories. Commentaries on the work of Henry B. Herts and
Hugh Tallant, ...

Wo Geschichten Sich Begegnen Gathering Voices

Author: Heinrich Dauber
Publisher: kassel university press GmbH
ISBN: 3899584686
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My family, especially Jo Salas, whose support goes way beyond purely personal
support. As many of you know, her contribution to the development of Playback
Theatre, both artistic and theoretical, has been huge, and I would not be here
today without her. I would like to thank most sincerely my colleague and friend,
Prof. Heinrich Dauber, who for me has been truly a bridge builder between
worlds. We have a great deal in common, and I hope that in the future, as Italo
Cal- vino says, ...

Reimagining American Theatre

Author: Robert Brustein
Publisher: Hill and Wang
ISBN: 1466805412
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Today's playwrights may not have as much chance as yesterday's to enjoy the
rewards of American success. ... Mines, Elizabeth LeCompte with The Wooster
Group, Andrei Serban with a variety of theatres, Anne Bogart, Robert Woodruff,
Peter Sellars, Michael Greif, Des McAnuff, Julie Taymor, Ping Chong, and
countless others — usually in collaboration with a cadre of gifted designers and
composers and performance artists — testifies to an auteur vitality unique in our
theatre history.

Mozart And The Nazis

Author: Erik Levi
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300165811
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... artistic sensations, the subtlety of his musical forms, as if sung by the voices of
angels one hears the jubilation of his choirs, the soft and seductive song of his
violins and cellos, and the full and supporting fundamental notes of his wind
instruments. Nothing of this has become old or even just historical in the 150
years since he departed from humanity, leaving it only his music. His operas to
this day dominate the programmes of our theatres, just as if they had been written

Sex And The Three Day Week

Author: Stephen Sharkey
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1474244688
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We are two distinct theatres, almost a mile apart, which together make up a single
artistic force. For over ten years we have been driven by our passion for our art
form, our love of our city and our unswerving belief that theatre at its best can
enhance lives. While our two performance bases could hardly be more different,
they are united by our commitment to brilliant, humane, forward-thinking theatre
that responds to its time and place. Our mission is to reflect the aspirations and ...

New Theatre In Francophone And Anglophone Africa

Author: Anne Fuchs
Publisher: Rodopi
ISBN: 9789042007352
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We can do nothing to change our yesterdays, but we can do something about our
tomorrows, said an American statesman recently. 1n Africa we clearly were
incapable of mastering our destinies yesterday; we seem to be unwilling even to
face the challenges of today. We simply resign ourselves to our adversities and
lie wallowing in our indolence, blaming others for our plight. Many are the
popular theatre enthusiasts working in Africa today who abandoned the
mainstream theatre or ...

Dance And The Body In Western Theatre

Author: Sabine Sörgel
Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education
ISBN: 1137180080
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It abolishes that difference between yesterday and today. It takes yesterday's
action and makes it live again every one of its aspects – including its immediacy.
In other words, a representation is what it claims to be – a making present. We
can see how this is the renewal of the life that repetition denies and it applies as
much to rehearsal as to performance. (2008, p. 155) If we create this kind of
theatre, then we are a step removed from our habitual concepts of what reality is
and should ...

The New British Theatre

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1 did not expect you Mrs. Hbl:: No, f dares to say, you did not ; ' buL howsom-
dever, Miss; I expects my money. Mrs. Milner owed me for «S*%eeks' lodging
yesterday ; besides my bill for groceries. I'm btot'a'Vvorking woman, and cannot
live without I gets my due. •• Sbph. Indeed, Mrs. Horton, my mother does not
mean to withhold it. She has ever paid you regularly ; and, to-day, ' ^hen I have
sold this piece of embroidery, all your demands shall be satisfied.Mrs. Hi'r. You
knows, Miss, no ...

Contemporary European Theatre Directors

Author: Maria M. Delgado
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135164665
Size: 51.47 MB
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But it's impossible to say anything about today's human beings without the
connection of these beings to yesterday's people, the day before yesterday's
people, and people who were always there; it's not possible to avoid the eternal
topics. Art is most importantly the ... modern of playwrights. When we performed
King Lear, we spoke mostly about ourselves, about us as fathers and about us as
children, about our fathers with whom we might have had conflicts, and about our
fathers who ...