Our Numbered Days

Author: Neil Hilborn
ISBN: 9780989641562
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In 2013, Hilborn's poem "OCD" went viral, and has amassed over 11 million views to date. While this collection ruminates on love, heartbreak, and mental illness, these poems are anything but saccharine.

Our Endless Numbered Days

Author: Claire Fuller
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0241969018
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My father shouted the loudest, lost control first; Oliver's voice remained a steady,
measured drawl that sliced through the other's fury. The arguments seemed to be
the same ones, going around and around again: the best bug-out location, city
versus the country, equipment, guns, knives. The noise would reach a crescendo,
then a door would be slammed, the flare of a match as a cigarette was lit in the
dark garden, and the next day all would be forgotten. One evening I heard a
noise ...

The Bible Class Magazine Ed By C H Bateman

Author: Christian Henry Bateman
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The deepening vacancy above, the rising heap beneath, and the falling away
from time to time of that miniature mountain which gathers below— all have a
meaning. I observe that the sand in the upper division of the glass, running from
the centre, often leaves a hollow, producing deception as to the quantity actually
subtracted. Clinging yet to the sides, it makes the vacancy look less ; just as we
love to deceive ourselves as to the proportion of our numbered days that has

Boanerges And Barnabas Judgment And Mercy Or Wine And Oil For Wounded Afflicted Souls Ed By F H Brett

Author: Francis Quarles
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Why should I spend my precious minutes in the sullen and dejected shades of
sadness ? or ravel out my short-lived days in solemn and heart-breaking care.
Hours have eagles wings, and when their hasty flight shall put a period to our
numbered days, the world is gone with us, and all our forgotten joys are left to be
enjoyed by the succeeding generations, , and we are snatched we know not how,
we know not whither, and wrapped in the dark bosom of eternal night. The
Sensual ...

Judgment And Mercy For Afflicted Souls

Author: Francis Quarles
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Or, Meditations, Soliloquies, and Prayers Francis Quarles, Reginald Wolfe.
SOLACE. IjOME, let us be merry, and rejoice our souls, in frolic and in fresh
delights : let us screw our pampered hearts a pitch beyond the reach of dull
browed sorrow : let us pass the slow paced time in melancholy charming mirth,
and take the advantage of our youthful days : let us banish care to the dead sea
of phlegmatic old age ...

Living On Purpose

Author: Jackie Arnell Duncan
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1449746462
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That's even more reason to quickly find our purpose and make our numbered
days here on earth count. Here's a clue to finding your purpose: it's something
you have a talent for and would enjoy doing full-time with no pay if only you could
figure out how to pay the bills. Man is a purpose-driven creature. There is a
reason for every action we take, but most of all, there is a purpose for our living.
Look at the big picture. If someone could wave a magic wand that would allow
you to be ...

Notes And Reflections On The Second Epistle To The Corinthians

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And this not only in a purely spiritual sense, by eating Him who gave Himself for
our sins as the daily meat of our souls,5 but externally also as we fulfil our
numbered days. He that is our God is a God of salvations,' and our changes are
ordered for the proving of His many names. Sickness, privation, and trouble of
any kind are, with outward persecution, permitted as occasions of sustaining and
delivering Love. Grace knows how to deliver even from those snares in which our
own folly ...

When You Pray

Author: Rueben P. Job
Publisher: Abingdon Press
ISBN: 1426702663
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Human beings will either learn tolive in it together or we will notsurvive to hear
itssighofrelief when our numbered days are done. (An Altarin the World, Taylor;
pp. 13–14.) Reflection Time Making Our Requests Known Prayer for OurWorld,
Its People and Leaders Prayer forthe Churchand Its Leaders Prayer for Those in
Our Circleof Responsibility Prayer for Ourselves Offering of Self to God Prove me,
OLORD, andtry me; test my heart and mind. For yoursteadfast love isbeforemy
eyes, ...