Author: William B. Faraday
Publisher: Health Research Books
ISBN: 9780787303204
Size: 32.44 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Late electrician & chemist of the Royal Institution, England. Obsession is the irregular of perverted action of the natural law, existing between spiritual and physical life.


Author: Lennard J. Davis
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226137791
Size: 11.12 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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But obsession is not only a phenomenon of modern existence: it is a medical category—both a pathology and a goal. Behind this paradox lies a fascinating history, which Lennard J. Davis tells in Obsession.


Author: Treasure Hernandez
Publisher: Urban Books
ISBN: 1622860217
Size: 23.54 MB
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Tiffany is trapped in a life she never wanted for herself.

Prime Obsession

Author: John Derbyshire
Publisher: Joseph Henry Press
ISBN: 0309512573
Size: 45.91 MB
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Not just a story of numbers and calculations, Prime Obsession is the engrossing tale of a relentless hunt for an elusive proof _ and those who have been consumed by it.

Saddam Hussein

Author: Andrew Cockburn
Publisher: Verso
ISBN: 9781859844229
Size: 25.56 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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From the new Prologue At the outset of the 1991 Gulf War, US leaders resolved the .Iraqis will pay the price., so long as Saddam Hussein remained in power. This book makes chillingly clear just how terrible that price has been.


Author: Wenqing Kang
Publisher: Hong Kong University Press
ISBN: 9622099815
Size: 29.67 MB
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These terms included: duanxiupi (ᒾ୿ᓜ, the obsession with the cut sleeve),
fentaozhihao (ʗ࣠ɾΡ, the love of sharing a peach), Longyangjun (᎘ඈз, the name
of a male favorite in history), nanchong (Әᕠ, male favorite), nanse (Әϳ, male
beauty), nanfeng (ڲࠓ, southern mode, or Әࠓ, male mode), xianggong (ޚʔ,
young gentlemen or Peking opera actors who play female roles working as male
prostitutes), tuzi (Ԫɥ, rabbit), pijing (Ѭ ၀, ass expert, or fairy), renyao (Ɂѝ, freak,
fairy, or human ...


Author: Debra Carroll
Publisher: Harlequin / SB Creative
ISBN: 4596691088
Size: 14.95 MB
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Emma’s very first story, Belial, has become a bestselling novel.

An American Obsession

Author: Jennifer Terry
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226793665
Size: 22.74 MB
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Drawing on original research from medical texts, psychiatric case histories, pioneering statistical surveys, first-person accounts, legal cases, sensationalist journalism, and legislative debates, Jennifer Terry has written a nuanced and ...


Author: Ronald H. Fritze
Publisher: Reaktion Books
ISBN: 1780236859
Size: 67.88 MB
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In Egyptomania, Ronald H. Fritze takes us on a historical journey to unearth the Egypt of the past, a place inhabited by strange gods, powerful magic, spell-binding hieroglyphs, and the uncanny, mummified remains of ancient people.