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automakers also equipped vehicles sold outside of California with OBD-I.
Representing only a beginning, these initial regulations failed to meet many
expectations. By failing to monitor the catalytic converter, the evaporative system
for leaks, and the presence of engine misfire, OBD-I did not do enough to ... The
two sections that follow describe this software program's functions. OBD-II
diagnostic tests Depending on the OBD-II system, the Diagnostic Executive (
usually referred to as the ...

Design Of Experiments Approach For Implementation And Calibration Of An Obd Ii Compliant Egr Monitor Using A Transient Diesel Engine Test Cell

Author: Adam D. Wise
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Specifically, the validation testing of a diesel engine EGR system monitor will be
examined and discussed in detail. 1.2 State ... of disciplines to accomplish the
ultimate goal of developing and employing a test program for on-board
diagnostics advancement. ... where statistical techniques help identify empirical
models for predicting the response to a process as a function of any number of
variable factors.

Automotive Engineering

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... limit Table 1 New Monitoring Functions of Volvo's 850 Turbo OBD II System
MIL No, but DTCs are stored No, but DTCs are stored Yes ... a three- way
catalytic converter, and the OBD II system, which monitors all sensors and checks
for proper functioning of emission ... In the calibration work, the threshold level of
each element was determined and verified by emission testing. ... Engine
temperature and other transient load corrections must also be surveyed by the
diagnostic function.

Gasoline Engine Management

Author: Robert Bosch GmbH
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Diagnostic function scheduler (DSCHED) DSCHED is responsible for
coordinating assigned engine and diagnostic capabilities. ... DF OBD functions
Overview Whereas EOBD only contains detailed monitoring specifications for
individual components, the requirements in CARB OBD II are ... (in use monitor
performance ratio) for testing the pass frequency of diagnostic functions in
everyday applications.

Volkswagen Jetta Golf Gti 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003

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CAUTION — • During testing, it is possible for the Engine Control Module to
recognize and store a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) that was due ... On Board
Diagnostics, found on the Bosch Motronic Engine Management Systems monitor
many aspects of engine operation. ... These functions are standardized for all
OBD II compliant vehicles, but are not as comprehensive as those found by using
the VAG ...

A Technician S Guide To Advanced Automotive Emissions Systems

Author: Rick Escalambre
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A diagnostic test is a series of steps which has a beginning and end, the result of
which is a pass or fail reported to the ... A two-trip monitor allows the system to
double check itself, preventing a false MIL If the conditions are not met on two ...
Testing the system or component at this time guarantees that it will fail
erroneously, so the Diagnostic Executive does not ... Comprehensive System
Monitoring OBD-II requires the monitoring of all vehicle 202 On-Board
Diagnostics Two (OBD-II)

Technical Status Update And Proposed Revisions To Malfunction And Diagnostic System Requirements Applicable To 1994 And Subsequent California Passenger Cars Light Duty Trucks And Medium Duty Vehicles Obd Ii

Author: California. Air Resources Board
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Given the expanding role of electronics in diesels, OBD II requirements should be
implemented to the extent feasible. Since the California Smog Check Program is
expected to evolve into a check of the onboard diagnostic system, and the use of
... system, exhaust gas recirculation system function, wastegate, electronically-
controlled transmission components, and others. ... and systems that are feasible
to monitor at a cost comparable to other engines meeting the OBD II

Volkswagen New Beetle

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During testing, it is possible for the Engine Control Module to recognize and store
a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) that was due solely to the testing procedure ...
The current generation OBD II is integrated into all Volkswagen New Beetle
gasoline engines. ... Fault Counters that monitor Certain functions will be reSet to

Technical Literature Abstracts

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The Clean Air Act of 1990 requires on-board diagnostics (OBD) capabilities on all
new vehicles. These diagnostic systems monitor the performance of engine and
emission system components and inform the vehicle operator ... the additive
underwent extensive testing to demonstrate that use of MMT does not adversely
affect vehicle emissions or the .... An improved process for determining oven-
aging times and temperatures for OBD-II threshold catalyst aging has been