Never Mind The Sprouts

Author: Alastair Williams
Publisher: Summersdale Publishers LTD
ISBN: 1783725745
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Do you struggle to get the little ones in your family to eat anything of nutritional value, or to even so much as sniff at a green vegetable?

Mr Sprouts His Opinions Second Edition

Author: Richard WHITEING
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Never mind,” sez the others, “have another try”—and so he does, and arter a few
more “slips” can't as much as grope his way down the starekase, and he finds the
lektur gives kwite enuff emplyment to the mind, without the sub-kommittee on the
rattin' sports, or the harminy to foller. If he's got the sense to stop at this pint, well
and good; but it's odds he goes agin, and keeps on going till he's larned to box a
little bit hisself, and then they gammon him to have a fite with sum deloodid ...

The Struggles And Adventures Of Christopher Tadpole At Home And Abroad

Author: Albert Smith
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But I never got paid. However that don't concern you much, Tom ; nor me neither,
' now. Oh ! what's the use of sighing ? Have some more beer." And then Sprouts
and the jolly man pledged one another again. "And now about yourself," said the
friend. "I've been thinking about you all night. Do you know much about ... Well —
never mind him ; I've got another chance for you; — it's in the literary line, with a
sprinkling of snuff." Tom's mind immediately reverted to the ingenious exercises ...

Sprouts And Saplings

Author: Monica Moran Brandies
Publisher: Strawberry Hill Pr
ISBN: 9780894070662
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At first she came into the yard a lot, but a single strand of clothesline across the
gate has done what no fence could ever do before. She is busy eating. We are no
longer farmers, but ... cows, he shed all his farm instincts completely. No longer is
he willing to drive seven miles over gravel roads to work twice a day, and he
never was willing to eat machine food for lunch. ... on a city lot. Now I am going to
share them. Never mind that THE MOVE TO INTENSIVE GARDENING Going to


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Ross ANNA says, “Never mind ; we shall see when it comes up." Supposing it
ever does come up, I suppose we shall, though I don't know that we shall be
much the wiser. It does come up in the course of time, in little green sprouts Rosa
ANNA inclines to think it 's cabbages : my private impression is that it 's
horseradish. We watch the sprouts with quite a fatherly interest. They are nearly
an inch high ! One night we go to bed leaving the sprouts as green and elegant
as our hearts can ...

The Southern Cultivator And Industrial Journal

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Hence the campaign from flowering time till frost must never cease. Vigilance
must never relax in striking down every flower stalk, or, better still, in burying it.
Never mind the litttle sprouts, except that it is advisable to smother them also, but
attend to the flower stalks, remembering that tireless vigilance rather than hard
labor is the secret of success. It is easy to explain why nut grass has so long
defied the blows, sweat and curses of' the Southern people. It is, first, because
the grass ...

At Home In Thrush Green

Author: Miss Read
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780547526522
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'Second childhood, it seems,' thought Jane indulgently, hurrying back to put on
the sprouts for lunch. But they were never to be cooked. Jane's feet went from
under her on the ... 'Never mind. It makes no difference to us,' replied Ruth
comfortingly. 'They'll get over it no doubt, and we'll be able to have our card
parties again.' 'Maybe they'll be more amenable at the firework party tomorrow,'
agreed Joan, it's good that it coincides with Paul's halfterm this year. He's
bringing home a school ...

The Grower London

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Meantime at £5 a net, never mind £10, it is worth growing and picking for quality
so that only Class 1 sprouts reach Continental buyers. Otherwise the inevitable
backlash will occur and it will be those who have started to build up an English
vegetable export business on sound lines who will suffer. EDITORIAL ADVISORY
BOARD D. M. Richardson (chairman), P. A. Bean. M. Dunnett, D. Gray, D. King, L.
Sanderson, J. Turner, A. Wolff. Opinions expressed in the leading article and ...