The Big Book Of Library Grant Money 2004 2005

Author: The Taft Group
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Donor. Information. Founder: Established in 1955 by the late William G. Selby (d.
1956) and his wife, Marie Selby . Mr. Selby, who was a co-founder of the Selby
Oil Company in Ohio. ln addition, he was a large stockholder in Texaco, and
owned extensive mineral interests in the Colorado Rocky Mountain region. The
foundation is affiliated with the Beattie, Sarasota County, Paddock, and Posey
Foundations, all of First Union Bank.

The Big Book Of Library Grant Money 2002 2003

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Arts & Humanities: Arts Associations & Councils, Arts Centers, Arts Institutes,
History & Archaeology, Libraries, Literary Arts, Museums/Galleries, Opera, Public
Broadcasting, Visual Arts Civic & Public Affairs: Community Foundations,
Economic Development, Economic Policy, Civic & Public Affairs-General,
Nonprofit Management, Philanthropic Organizations, Professional & Trade
Associations, Urban & Community Affairs, Women's Affairs Education: Afterschool
/Enrichment Programs, ...

Encyclopedia Of Medical Organizations And Agencies

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The foundations will continue their commitment to Mr. Davis' ideals, again
concentrating their funding in the area of private higher education, and, to a
lesser extent, to medicine, religion, public television, and secondary education.
Grants in private higher education concentrate on institutions with outstanding
records of teaching and learning in the liberal arts and sciences, and those with
broadly acknowledged academic excellence, adequate financial resources, and
a record of good ...

The Environmental Resource Handbook 2010 11

Author: Laura Mars-Proietti
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profit leaders who arc closest to the issues canbest decide on the most effective
use of grant funds. Mr Mike Pratt, Program Officer/T reasurer 2399 Sequoia
Foundation 820 A Street 206-627-1634 Suite 345 Tacoma, WA 98402 A private
non-profit organization dedicated to the identification and reduction of
environmental threats to public health. Wc seek to support the efforts of local,
state, national-and international- public health agencies in promotingand
implimcnting effective public ...

Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists

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Similarly, financial support for the conference represented the broad interest in
stimulating public discussion on China. Major grants were made by the Johnson
Foundation, the Christopher Reynolds Foundation, and the William and Mary
Swartz Fund. Additional funds for travel came from the Institute for International
Order and from the Ford Foundation. The conference panelists ranged over a
fairly broad spectrum. Some twenty-five foreign scholars, editors, and writers, all
with recent ...

Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists

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In the following article, Mr. Osborn expresses his belief in the interdependence of
all living things and encourages Americans to consider the future in terms of
economic and social cooperation. "For a long time the slogan that has prevailed
has been ..... This being the case, we certainly must be prepared to appropriate
funds to help to bring about a rising standard of living and increasing literacy for
peoples elsewhere in the world. Surely democracy cannot prosper on empty
stomachs ...

Foundation Reporter

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... Baton Rouge, LA - research center 250,000 Vanguard School, Lake Wales, FL
-- capital campaign 200.000 Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX - Baylor
Methodist Heart Center 166,666 Kinkaid School, Houston, TX - building
campaign 100,000 Episcopal High School Campaign, Bel- laire, TX - capital
endowment campaign 100,000 Foundation for Financial Literacy, Houston, TX
100.000 Houston Annenberg Challenge, Houston, TX 100.000 Houston Baptist
University, Houston ...

The Big Book Of Library Grant Money

Publisher: American Library Association
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Civic & Public Affairs: Clubs, Community Foundations, Civic & Public Affairs-
General, Housing, Urban & Community Affairs Education: Business Education,
Colleges & Universities, Community & Junior Colleges, Engineering/
Technological Education, ... Initial Contact: Proposals should contain a concise
statement of the purpose of funds sought, the current year's operating budget,
recently audited financial statement, a list of board members, resumes of all key
staff people, proof of ...

Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists

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Film reports of suffering and death have generated an enormous response in
voluntary contributions of money and supplies that is paralleling bilateral and
multilateral governmental aid efforts. But the deeper .... Population pressures
soon made it impossible to keep land under fallow for 15-20 years, and the
average period was reduced to perhaps 10, or even five years. .... During these
early years of independence, the foundations for much of Africa's current crisis
were being laid.