Mackenzies Honor

Author: Linda Howard
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In "Mackenzie's Pleasure," Navy SEAL Zane Mackenzie sets out to rescue the mother of his child from terrorists; in "A Game of Chance," agent Chance Mackenzie sets out to capture an elusive criminal using the man's daughter as bait.

Justice For Mackenzie

Author: Susan Stoker
Publisher: EverAfter Romance
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A member of the famed Texas Rangers, Daxton Chambers has dealt with more than his share of depravity.

American Honor

Author: Thomas Williams
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great sensation, the newspapers loved it, and Mackenzie's conduct was as
severely criticized by some as it was ardently defended by his supporters. The
story goes, Commodore Alexander Slidell Mackenzie was in command of the brig
Somers in 1842. Mackenzie was unfortunate in the crew on the ship were
inexperienced sailors and seamen. Mackenzie was not the sea captain Charles
Stewart was, he was lacking the ability to train raw recruits. The Somers was
returning from a ...

African American Recipients Of The Medal Of Honor

Author: Charles W. Hanna
Publisher: McFarland
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Colonel Mackenzie and the 4th U.S. Cavalry played a major role in defeating the
Indians and forcing them back onto the reservations. On September 20, ¡874,
Mackenzie's main column left camp on Catfish Creek and headed north past the
headwaters of the Witchita River, through the valley of Quitaque Creek and up
the blu›s to the Staked Plains. The Staked Plains are a barren treeless table land
that straddles the Texas–New Mexico boarder. In ¡874, the Staked Plains was a
wilder- ...

Honor Redeemed

Author: Loree Lough
Publisher: Abingdon Press
ISBN: 1426753926
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man took it, he said, "I want you to do whatever it takes to clear Honor
Mackenzie's name." He stopped blotting sweat. "Who?" "I'll give you a minute."
He tapped a forefinger against Shaw's temple. "The name's in there somewhere,
though God knows it won't be easy to find, bouncing around that big empty
chamber you call a brain." "You're full of it, Phillips. Bluffing." "Think so?" "Know
so." Standing, Matt tugged at the cuffs of his favorite sweater, the cable knit Honor
had made, just for ...

Speeches Of The Hon Alexander Mackenzie During His Recent Visit To Scotland

Author: Alexander Mackenzie
Publisher: James Campbell
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Minister of the Dominion of Canada, the greatest of British Colo* nies, and he (the
Provost) was sure he would be received here as he was elsewhere with great
enthusiasm. (Applause.) The Town Council and Magistrates had unanimously
agreed to confer this honor on Mr. Mackenzie. It was the highest honor they could
bestow. He hoped Mr. Mackenzie would be long spared to promote schemes and
measures in Canada that would perpetuate his name and hand it down to

The Hon Alexander Mackenzie

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Mrs. Mackenzie's Help to Him in His Public Career— His Recognition of It— Her
Devotion in His Long Illness— Personal and Public Tributes — Letter from Hon.
A. G. Jones— Hon. S. H. Blake's Oration— The Pulpit and the Press— All Unite to
do Him Honor. HE wealth of affection and devotion bestowed by the wife upon
the stricken husband for the ten years before his death has rarely been
surpassed She was his devoted companion everywhere. She had already in the
sunshine of ...

The Miscellaneous Works Of Henry Mackenzie

Author: Henry Mackenzie
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Henry Mackenzie. a garret ; and has ever since applied his talents to the vilifying
of his species. In one thing I must take the liberty to instruct you ; — however
different your sentiments may be, (and different they must be,) you will suffer him
to go ... Upon this, the gentleman, laying down his pipe, and changing the tone of
his countenance, from an ironical grin to something more intently contemptuous
— " Honor," said he, " Honor and Politeness ! this is the coin of the world, and
passes ...