Author: Camille Flammarion
Publisher: Litres
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In our first supposition this voyage is identical with that of light. Light has
occupied 60,000 tenths of seconds to go from the Earth to the point in space
where you are. Your voyage and that of light have co-existed. Now if instead of
flying with just the same velocity as light, you had flown a little less quickly, and if
you had employed a thousandth part of a second more to arrive at the same point
, instead of always seeing the same moment of the lightning, you would have
seen, successively ...

Manual Of Meteorology Volume Ii The Physical Processes Of Weather

Publisher: CUP Archive
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The initial rate of recovery of the field is generally such that if it had remained
uniform the whole field destroyed by the discharge would have been regenerated
in a few seconds. Transference of electricity between the atmosphere and the
earth in showers and thunderstorms Lightning. From the sudden changes which
are produced in the electric field at the surface of the earth by the passage of
lightning discharges at known distances, we may deduce the electric moments of
the ...

Manual Of Meteorology

Author: Napier Shaw
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107475481
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The vertical electric force at the ground due to a thunder-cloud does not generally
much exceed the sudden change which occurs when a lightning discharge
passes; very frequently each flash suddenly reverses the sign of the potential
gradient, which again within a few seconds recovers its original sign. After each
discharge the electric field tends to return to the value which it had before the
discharge, the curve of recovery of the field frequently approaching the
exponential form.

Lightning Courageous

Author: Jeremiah Perkins
ISBN: 0557001986
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This was one of the very moments they had trained so long for. Every soldier
within Festung was ready within seconds of hearing the loud bellows from deep
within the woods. The chiefs had their ants assembled and ready for the fight. As
the oncoming enemy pushed the outer squads back towards the fortress, they
knew that there would be an entire army of backup waiting for them at the inner
perimeter. Lightning and his squad fought as long and hard as they could. Stormy
was ...

Soul Lightning

Author: Aminah Raheem
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595348114
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Within seconds we were third in line and Amaji was right in front of us on a raised
platform. The first thing I saw was her wide smile and sparkling eyes, in an
ageless face. She was beaming love straight out to the next man in line. He
stepped up onto the platform to face her and then knelt down in front of her lap.
She reached out and gathered that man into her bosom and then held him there
for a few moments, wrapped in the embrace of a comforting mother. My heart
melted. This was ...

Sixty Seconds

Author: Phil Bolsta
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1416565779
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Moments. 21. DANNION. BRINKLEY. Brinkley, who survived two lightning strikes,
open-heart surgery, and brain surgery, which was followed by a grand mal
seizure, wrote two bestselling books about his near-death experiences: Saved by
the Light and At Peace in the Light. In his third book, The Secrets of the Light,
coauthored with his wife, Kathryn, Brinkley describes his third near-death
experience and offers spiritual strategies for raising consciousness and
empowering daily life.

Imperial Germany S Iron Regiment Of The First World War Second Edition

Author: John K. Rieth
Publisher: Badgley Publishing Company
ISBN: 0998804509
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Seconds later came the howl of the incoming shells; it just time enough for the
sheer horror to register to before the moment of impact. Four shells exploded
among an entire infantry ... Lais wrote of the endless moments before the German
barrage fired: “Each shell scores a direct hit. If they shoot again, it is the end of a
fine march, if not ... Lightning flashes in the horizon, the explosion of the guns
shortly afterward and is music to our ears. The Sabbath of Hell has begun. 4600
German ...

The Scent Of Rain And Lightning

Author: Nancy Pickard
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 034551663X
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Desperate to find and rescue his wife, terrified of what kind of revenge a drunken
Billy Crosby might be taking on her even at this moment, but also realizing the
urgent need to move silently, Hugh-jay took long strides to his office on the first
floor and went immediately to his gun case, where the key was in the lock. He
pulled out a long-barreled pistol, his favorite of his small arms. It was powerful,
sharp of aim, straight of shot, and after the thirty seconds it took him to arm it,

Lightning S Child The Timestorm Trilogy Book 1

Author: Steve Wilson
ISBN: 1291718524
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Not knowing what else to do, he set off along the track, fully expecting at any
moment to come to his senses and find himself back at the golf course again. As
he walked ... Small animals, mainly pigs and goats, wandered around the
doorway and in between the few vegetables that were growing in the garden.
There was no ... Each boot aimed at ribs or head found its mark and was agony
for Dave, and in seconds he began to black out for the second time in just over an
hour. # It was ...

The Animation Book

Author: Kit Laybourne
Publisher: Three Rivers Press
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An example or two will make this clear. lmagine that we want to animate that
famous moment in prehistory when one of our ancestors discovered fire. We'll
first create a scene, perhaps the mouth of a cave. Our character might be
sleeping when a huge lightning bolt zaps the ground beside him. Let's say that
this dim-witted caveman fails to stir during the first smashing bolt. He snores on. A
second blast manages to bum off his fur clothing. He continues sleeping
peacefully. Eventually ...