A Compendium Of Roman Law Founded On The Institutes Of Justinian

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The Commentaries of Gaius and Justinian's Institutes compared : — Greene,
R. L., page 18. " The terseness of the style of Gaius and the purity of his language
contrasts favourably with the more profuse sentences and the debased Latin of
Justinian's compilers, who, nevertheless, followed closely his method and
arrangement. . . . The Commentaries were intended for purposes of actual
practice, while the Emperor's treatise, although declared to have the binding
force of law, was ...

The Institutes Of Justinian

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It was obviously drawn upon by Ulpian and other later writers ; and, though so
much would hardly be inferred from what is said in the Proem to Justinian's
Institutes, it supplied that work not only with the bulk of its matter, but also with its
plan and method. The Imperial Institutes are in effect a revised edition of those of
Gaius, to which they bear much the same relation as do the Commentaries of
Serjeant Stephen to those of Sir W. Blackstone. Out of the 9oI articles into which
the Institutes ...

Analysis Of M Ortolan S Institutes Of Justinian

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and is not mentioned in Justinian's Institutes. (2) By some express but not
sacramental declaration, written or verba], though, to be binding, this must be
after the rights have commenced, either by the death of the testator or the
accomplishment of the condition, and after the heir knew of his rights arising
either by the will of the testator or ab intestato. If the paterfamilias had been
murdered, the will could not be opened, nor aditio made, until the slaves had
undergone examination.

The Institutes Of Gaius And Justinian The Twelve Tables And The Cxviiith And Cxxviith Novels

Author: Gaius
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Institutes of Mareianus, Dig. xxxviii, 16, 9. II Gaius on the Provincial Edict, Dig.
xxxviii, 10, i, pr. r, 3-7, and 3, pr. § r. Sentences of Paul, Dig. xxxviii, 10, 10, § 9.
The table of consanguinity is taken from the paraphrase of Theophilus, and the
blank left in the MS. of Justinian's Institutes for its insertion led to the mistake of
assuming that a new title on the relationship of slaves commenced here. The
table is fuller than the text, as it includes two cases of. the sixth degree, not
mentioned by ...

The Institutes Of Justinian With The Novel As To Successions

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In the work several ancient treatises, now lost, were used ; but the chief guide
whom the compilers followed was that Gaius, whose Book, called also " Institutes,
" was, in 1816, found so strangely by Niebuhr, as a palimpsest in the Cathedral
book-stores at Verona. Justinian's Institutes — for by his name they go, — were
sanctioned jon the 21st November, A. D. 533 ; and received their final ratification
as law, on the 30th December, A. D. 533, the same day from which the Digest
was to ...