Francis Bacon Poet Prophet Philosopher Versus Phantom Captain Shakespeare The Rosicrucian Mask

Author: William Francis C. Wigston
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Friendship " and " Revenge," the action of the plot revolving upon " Usury,"
inasmuch as the friendship of Antonio for Bas- sanio causes him to fall into
Shylock's power. Bacon writes : — " Amongst which that of all others is the most
frequent, where the question is of a great deal of good to ensue of a small
injustice " (" Advt.," Book II., xxi., ii.). Compare the lines already quoted : — To do
a great right, do a little wrong. " But then let a man take heed, the Revenge be
sueh, as there is no law ...

Revenge When A Woman Is Scorned

Author: Ivett Douglas-Samuel
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 159858023X
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Within the next pages, you will come face to face with the harsher mask of
revenge. This has not been an easy task for me to do. Because I once found
myself facing this very mask. It took a great deal of courage for me to take my
mask off and share my experience with all of you. For you see until I decided to
reveal myself, I had been keeping my secret locked in a place so deep within my
heart that I had neglected to heal. Yet how could I ask other women to share their
truths with all of ...

Stryker S Revenge

Author: Ralph Compton
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 110118468X
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“The girl will be in the line of fire.” “I'm afraid she must shift for herself, Mr. Hogg.”
Stryker had no way of knowing, but right then the scout was wondering about him
. Had the shackle chain that destroyed his features also destroyed everything
inside him that was once good and decent? Did his face now reflect the true
nature of the man? Joe Hogg was a traveled man, and Stryker's face in the pallid
moonlight stirred a memory. A mask, Chinese or Nipponese, he couldn't recall.

Cold Revenge

Author: Lee Weeks
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1471153223
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the mask. Willis moved back from the window to look at Roy's shelves, which held
few possessions. He started to cry. His sobs looked to be in danger of killing him
as Carter got out of his seat and leaned over him to give him a hug. Roy clung to
him as he dragged in a breath. 'Can I get you some medication, Roy? Do you
need me to call someone?' asked Carter. Roy shook his head and released
Carter with a smile of gratitude. 'Honestly, I want to help. Give me a few minutes. I'
m such ...

Fatal Revenge Works Of Charles Robert Maturin Vol 1

Author: Charles Robert Maturin
ISBN: 1304373428
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a mixt murmur on the ear—the dim and partial light which fell on the wild features
of the mask, and the tones of its voice, which every moment assumed a more
plaintive and natural earneness. “When and where shall I see this messenger of
the ars,” said Ippolito, almo seriously, “if you have power to announce his
approach, you have also power to expedite it—shew me his form, let me hear his
voice.”—“If I do,” interrupted the mask, “will you believe my prediion—will you
admit the obje ...

Shoot The Buffalo

Author: Matt Briggs
Publisher: Publication Studio
ISBN: 0984306021
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I had straightened out my mask, so she couldn't see the bruise on my face. My
mask just had a little hole. “So, did you two get a load of candy?” Mom asked. “
Sure did,” I said. When we came home, I took off my Spiderman costume and
Jake his bear ears. We dumped our plastic bags of candy onto the living room
floor. The candy mounted up in splotches of red and white wrappers. Mom
leaned over the piles, her hair whisking over my plastic mask. I swept the mask
off my face. Unused ...

Glorious Revenge

Publisher: Ralta Publishing
ISBN: 0973785047
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"Tell him -- stand", and the guard complied, with another grunted order
accompanied by another push with his boot. The shadow moaned and with
visible effort raised himself to sit, keeping his back slumped to the cell's wall, as if
without its support he had no power left to remain sitting. He raised his head to
the little girl. A wooden mask was covering his face and only his eyes could be
seen from it. "You must needs bathe!" said the girl, amazed how anybody could
live in that dirt. Then ...

The Romancist And Novelist S Library Fatal Revenge Or The Family Of Montorio

Author: William Hazlitt
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I was on the point of conducting the goddess of chastity to a cassino, when,
entreating her to remain no longer under an eclipse, I removed her mask, and
discovered Diana converted into Hecate. I encountered a vestal virgin, whose
shrine — " Here he was interrupted by the mask, who, mingling moral strictures
with a characteristic speech, informed him, be was commissioned by the stars to
announce the approach of an aeriel monitor, a little, benign, officious sylph, " Just
now," said ...

The Revenge Of The Wizard S Ghost

Author: John Bellairs
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1497625386
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As Johnny stood watching, the plate scuttled closer, and he saw that it was not a
plate at all. It was a mask. Was it a Halloween mask that some kid had thrown
away? No, it did not seem to be that kind of mask: It was completely white, and
there were no eyeholes or mouth hole. The mask looked like a plaster cast that
had been made of somebody's face—somebody's dead face. It was the face of a
young man with a scar across his nose and a sneering, brutal mouth. A cold
breath blew ...