The Rediscovered Woman

Author: Angela Saini
Publisher: Beacon Press
ISBN: 0807071706
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Publication Data Names: Saini, Angela, author. Title: Inferior: how science got
women wrong and the new research that's rewriting the story/Angela Saini.
Description: ...

Good Literature

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(New York: The Century Co. $3.75.) In "The Creation at Recent Work of God " (
New York: James Pott), the author, Rev. C. C. Adams, takes issue with the
positions held by the vast majority both of scientists and theologians, and
attempts to show that the physical universe was created suddenly, within the last
six thousand years, and in six natural days. Geologists have observed well, our
author declares, but have failed to form a stable system of geology, " because
they have not yet ...

The Saturday Review Of Politics Literature Science And Art

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Of a somewhat different elass, but of equal merit in its way, is M. Vandal'3 study (
6) on the relations between France and Russia in the middle of the last century. It
ranks with the works of MM. Boutaric and De Broglie in importance for the history
of the French diplomacy of the time, but its intrinsic interest is perhaps scarcely
equal to theirs. If there is a fault in M. Vandal's treatment, it is that, while writing as
if for the general reader, he has not taken the opportunities which must have ...

The University

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These lists as a whole are good, Mr. Longfellow for most of the poems and make
the book a useful one to such as that he produced in mature years received-
have access t> a public library. Still there probably not less than twenty-five ...
1885, This little volume aims to do two things— to give the reader a few ideas on
the value of books, and to lay before him courses of reading in history, theology,
belles lettres, art and political science. Under the first of these heads the author
seeks 1o ...

The Athen Um

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A Journal of Literature, Science, the Fine Arts, Music, and the Drama. among their
descendants. Hence it was that his first book, which was introductory to ascries of
careful studies of American history, dealt with ' The Conspiracy of Pontiac. ... 10
per cent. would be incorrect; instances have come to my knowledge where they
approach publishers with all kinds of tempting baits to fleece the unpublished
author, and moreover it is on record that a new author who received 301. for his
first ...

The Literary Gazette

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While she thought, he spoke again : " ' I remember when we were reading here
three years ago, we had a week of just such weather as this ; but Howard and
Johnson were capital whist- players, and Wilbraham not bad, so we got through
the ... is saved from suicide by the intervention of a dissenting clergyman of the
name of Benson, who takes her to the house where he lives witli his sister and an
eccentric maid of all work, — the best character in the book ; and tho rest of the
novel is ...

The Athen Um

Author: James Silk Buckingham
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Doubtless she mourns the wrong to race and hearth- gods Injured, but regal. Sir
Theodore Martin rolls out : — For aught that you know, now, fair Phyllis may be
The shoot of some highly respectable stem ; Nay, she counts, at the least, a few
kings in her tree, And laments the lost acres once lorded by them. Can anything
by any possibility be less like Horace ? Here is another instance from Ode I. 4.
The metre in this case is legitimate enough for the rare and peculiar Archilochian
metre ...

The Critic

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All sorts of querulous, hot-tempered and impolite complaints have issued from
the authors of England. But 1 do not recall any similar ebullition from an
American author, except a violent letter addressed some years ago to John
Camden Hotten, by Mark Twain, who fiercely reviled that English publisher for
appropriating his writings. Even Mark Twain, in the last number of The New
Princeton Review, has come around to the point of bepraising and bedabbling
with glory the English ...


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Boards of Health to Enforce Massachusetts Bakery Lam-A law was passed in
Massachusetts, approved May 19, 1896, which provided, under penalty, that all
buildings occupied asbiscuit, bread or cake bakeries shall be so drained and
shall be provided with ... A Treatise on Obstetrics for Students and Practitioners.
... obstetrics have to be rewritten from that standpoint, and thus the parturient
woman of to-day escapes many of the accidents which were so common twenty-
five years ago.

Atlantic Educational Journal

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In the present volume she has presented not merely a collection of stories, but a
treatment sufficiently comprehensive to constitute an elementary history of Rome.
.... The hopeful feature of his results is the conclusion that the Virtue of today does
not represent mere impulse and pity, but is rational, often scientific, and
constructive. (68 pp., 50 cents. B. W. Huebsch, New York. Grace Davenport's
Elements of Ziiolagy, thoroughly revised and rewritten, though intended as a
textbook in ...