Author: Cassie Miles
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 9781426850325
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Not part of some mysterious undercover network?” “I'm not a spy.” He rose and
went toward the bathroom. “Help yourself to coffee. I'll be back in a minute.” When
he left the room, she glanced around. Her baby blue suitcase on the end of the
sofa was the only bright touch in an otherwise unadorned, masculine room. The
window shades were still drawn. A rifle leaned against the wall by the front door.
There was some kind of electronic equipment on the table, along with night


Author: John R Bruning
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0316339393
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P.I. turned right and sped into the night, Searcy bound on Rosebud Road. His
mother, worry worn and numb from hardship, would never have to fear
insolvency again. Not if he could help it. She and P.I.'s dad married in 1896. For
both, it was a second marriage, and they brought six children together into the
union. Later, four more would be born, though the youngest did not survive. P.I.
arrived in 1900, the baby of the family. Lights off, P.I. approached the first hamlet
between Quitman ...

This Night S Foul Work

Author: Fred Vargas
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1407019015
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Adamsberg got up with care, put on his trousers and jacket, and attached the
baby in a sling across his stomach. If he kept one hand over Tom's head and
another under his bottom, there was no risk that he would wake up. And so long
as Camille did not find out that he had taken his son out on a cold night to
Montrouge with a lot of bad company, namely the police, all would be well. 'You
won't tell on me, will you ... They knew that their union was indestructible. An
unswerving love, like ...

Eine H Here Pflicht

Author: Adam Makos
Publisher: Riva Verlag
ISBN: 3864135311
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Eine höhere Pflicht ist kein Buch über einen kurzen Augenblick des Mitleids, sondern ein Buch darüber, was es bedeutet, in einem Krieg Pilot zu sein, und was für einer Pflichtverletzung es gleichkam, so zu handeln, wie es Franz Stigler ...

Death In The Night

Author: J.M. Schubert
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1450094627
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changed her and her babies in other ways also. They no longer had to fear the
daylight. ... He heard from Taylor and Cindy the horrible story how a man who
had taken the drug had attacked Cindy one night when she went to the barn to
feed her horse. Cindy had no doubt that he would have killed her if ... They also
have long very sharp and strong claws that seem to be indestructible and retract
into their fingers like a cat's claws will do. Once when he was home alone with
One, the ...