Hand Over Fist

Author: Kevin D. Glenn
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1490840206
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Hand Over Fist provides the Christian community with tools to recognize various forms of conflict, interpret those conflicts appropriately, and engage those conflicts through a process that equips and empowers Christians to participate in ...

Hand Over Fist Money Makers

Author: Sasha Brown
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 138731145X
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Money is any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in a particular country or socio-economic context.

The Cherryville Murders

Author: Brodrick Washington
Publisher: Brodrick Washington
ISBN: 9781475019759
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Detective Tom Lockhart chases after his mother's killer his entire career. This obsession causes him lose everything he has.

Carnal Knowledge

Author: Charles Hodgson
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1466890436
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Fist has the sense of anger about it, punches are thrown with closed fists. The
French word for fist is poing, which is related to our pugnacious. Fist also has a
sense of greed and desperation since valuable things are clutched tightfistedly.
In its original form, fyst, fist appeared about 900 and is thought to possibly be
related to the word five, which would make sense since we use five fingers to
make a fist. (See Finger, pp. 16–17.) The expression "hand over fist” also carries
a sense of ...

A Manual Of Yacht And Boat Sailing

Author: Dixon Kemp
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Hand over Hand. — Hauling on a rope by one hand at a time and passing one
hand rapidly over the other to haul. A very rapid way of hauling, hence anything
done rapidly is said to be done " hand over hand." Hand over Fist. — (See " Hand
over Hand.") Handsomely. — Steadily ; with care. Not too fast nor yet too slow,
but with great care ; cleverly. As " Lower away handsomely." In easing up a sheet,
if the man is likely to let it fly, tho master or mate will sing out, " Handsomely there


Publisher: Penguin Books India
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hand. OveR. Fist. A Million Here, a Million There, and Pretty Soon You're Talking
Real Money the offshore services business is different from most other
businesses—like retail or manufacturing. Being in the 'services' business, there is
very little investment in factories, equipment and inventory that is needed to run
this business, as there would be for manufacturing businesses. it is a white-collar
professional business—you get paid by your client for your skills and advice,
usually by the ...

In The Flesh

Author: Lynne Van Luven
Publisher: Brindle and Glass
ISBN: 1926972384
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imagery of the hand peppers our speech: hand in hand, we say, on hand, hands
down, on the other hand, second hand, hands on, hand in glove, hand in hand,
handed on, even-handed, heavy-handed, high-handed, empty-handed, hand-me
-down, hand over fist . . . Every culture's proverbs are littered with references to
the hand. “The fingers of the same hand are not alike,” they say in Portugal. “
Without fingers,” they say in Morocco, “the hand would be a spoon.” In Africa, the