Granville Sharp S Cases On Slavery

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The purpose of Granville Sharpe's Cases on Slavery is twofold: first, to publish previously unpublished legal materials principally in three important cases in the 18th century on the issue of slavery in England, and specifically the status ...

Memoirs Of Granville Sharp Esq

Author: Prince Hoare
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No security was yet afforded from the. apprehensions justly excited by the
pertinacious avarice and tyranny of the slave-dealers and slave-holders. Mr.
Sharp, indeed, continued steady in his benevolent course, and by his most
indefatigable exertions and promptitude of action, several struggling sufferers
were added to the list of the rescued*. Yet, notwithstanding the successful
termination of all these cases, the essential point still remained undecided. The
cause had not yet been tried ...

A Memoir Of Granville Sharp

Author: Charles Stuart
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Mr. Dunning, who supported tyranny in the case of Somerset, had previously
been one of the most bright and efficient defenders of liberty. He was the chief
advocate in the case of Thomas Lewis, in 1771, and then triumphantly declared,
that no man can be legally detained as a slave in England. Granville Sharp's
observations upon this tergiversation, are worthy of record, and should ring like
warning thunder upon every lawyer's heart. " This is an abominable and
insufferable practice ...

From Slavery To Citizenship

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His view that the slaves were his property was upheld by the judge, but the
longer term impact on the campaign for abolition was considerable. Granville
Sharp pursued the case, and J.M.W. Turner immortalised it in an oil painting. In
the twenty first century we are experiencing further discontinuities. We may gain
insights into each, from study of the other. We see modern equivalent cases, such
as the deaths of Chinese cockle-pickers swept away by tides in Morecambe Bay,
and ...

The Friend

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The vindication of the emancipated Jonathan Strong naturally led Granville
Sharp on to the study of the general subject of the Slave-Trade, and he
addressed a letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury imploring his Grace's powerful
assistance,—which does not seem, however, to have been then responded to. In
the mean time other cases occurred of the kidnapping of negroes in London, and
their shipment to the West Indies for sale. Wherever Sharp could lay hold of any
such case, ...

Through The Eyes Of The Pack

Author: Lorenzo Currie
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1746 Slave rebellion in Jamaica 1752 Slave rebellion in Martinique 1756-63
Seven Years War. Britain gains Dominica, Grenada, St Vincent and Tobago 1759
William Wilberforce, the abolitionist, is born in Hull 1760 Slave revolts in Jamaica
last for several months, up to 400 rebels are executed. 1760 Thomas Clarkson,
the abolitionist, is born 1765 Granville Sharp begins legal challenges to the
British slave trade with the case ofJonathan Strong. 1770s The abolitionist
campaigner ...

Black Salt

Author: Ray Costello
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... and Captain Knowles was ordered to produce Somerset before the court to
determine the legality of his imprisonment. Lord Mansfield, the Chief Justice of
the King's Bench, ordered a hearing in February 1772. Somerset's main support
was an activist layman, Granville Sharp, who had persistently contested cases
regarding the legal justifications for slavery. Lawyers acting for Somerset argued
that, while colonial laws might permit slavery, the existence of slavery was not
recognized ...

English Common Law In The Age Of Mansfield

Author: James Oldham
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Of the three remaining, Wiecek argues the case for Lofft; Shyllon favors the
Granville Sharp transcript,45 and Davis prefers the Scot's Magazine report.46
The variations among the different reports of the case are not major, but they do
yield different interpretative emphasis—for example, on what . E. Washburn, ''
Somerset's Case and the Extension of Villeinage and Slavery in England,''
Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society 7 (1864): 323–24. . Shyllon,
Black Slaves, 111.