Gibbons V Ogden

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Describes the Supreme Court case concerning the steamboat monopoly between New York State and New Jersey, which established the right of Congress to regulate interstate commerce.

The Steamboat S Charter Of Freedom

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The famous case of Gibbons v. Ogden, decided on March 2, 1824, was, with its preceding litigation, ultimately concered with a single question: the power of Congress to regulate interstate as well as foreign commerce.

The Supreme Court In United States History 1856 1918

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New World v. King, II, 515. New York, view of politics of, by J. Adams, I, 34;
boundary dispute with Connecticut, I, 155 n ; insolvent laws of, involved in
Sturges Case and Ogden v. Saunders. I, 493-498; II, 147-152; sued by New
Jersey, II, 230-233 ... Ogden, II, 59-66. Oaths, by first Judges, I, 47 n. See also
Test Oath Cases. Oberlin Rescue Cases, III, 66-67. O'Conor, Charles, described.
III, 129, 183, 184 n. Ogden, Aaron, supports judicial review, I, 217; party in
Gibbons v. Ogden, II, 57-59.

Federalism The Supreme Court And The Seventeenth Amendment The Irony Of Constitutional Democracy

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37 Gibbons v. Ogden Marshall's seminal treatment of the Commerce Clause is
found in his opinion for the Court in Gibbons v. Ogden. In it, he held that
Congress's power to regulate commerce extended to the regulation of navigation
and that the laws of New York granting to Robert R. Livingston and Robert Fulton
the exclusive right to operate steamboats in the waters of that state collided with
and therefore had to yield to a 1793 federal law regulating the coasting trade,
which, being ...

American Government And Politics Today The Essentials 2009 2010 Edition

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The meaning of this clause was at issue in Gibbons v. Ogden. The Background of
the Case. Robert Fulton and Robert Livingston secured a monopoly on steam
navigation on the waters in New York State from the New York legislature in 1803
. They licensed Aaron Ogden to operate steam-powered ferryboats between New
York and New Jersey. Thomas Gibbons, who had obtained a license from the
U.S. government to operate boats in interstate waters, decided to compete with ...

The Supremacy Clause

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"|t|he Bank is not considered as a private corporation, whose principal object is
individual trade and profit; but as a public corporation, created for public and
national purposes." Regardless of whether Marshall was correct on the facts,""
the distinction remains an important one today: The Supreme Court applies
different immunity standards to instrumentalities of the federal government than it
applies to private parties who deal with the federal government. Gibbons v.
Ogden (1824) The ...

American Government And Politics Today 2009 2010 Edition

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What exactly does “to regulate commerce” mean? What does “commerce” entail?
The issue here is essentially the same as that raised by McCulloch v. Maryland:
how strict an interpretation should be given to a constitutional phrase? As might
be expected given his Federalist loyalties, Marshall used a liberal approach in
interpreting the commerce clause in Gibbons v. Ogden. The Background of the
Case. Robert Fulton and Robert Livingston secured a monopoly on steam
navigation ...

Daniel Webster The Supreme Court

Author: Maurice Glen Baxter
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Kent ruled that this statute merely set up standards in certifying the American
ownership of coasting vessels for privileges within the revenue system and that it
did not authorize the licensee to navigate in New York waters contrary to that
state's laws.10 The Court of Errors affirmed the Chancellor's decree,11 and an
appeal in Gibbons v. Ogden went to the United States Supreme Court. After delay
over technicalities,12 the Court heard the lawyers' arguments from February 4 to
9, 1824.