For All Practical Purposes

Author: COMAP
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Parliamentary Papers

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Nicholas, All Saints, St. Peter, and St. Owen, part of the Township of Tupsley, part
of the Parish of Holmer, including the Township of Huntington, part of the Parish
of St. John, part of the Parish of St. Martin, and a small part of the Parishes of
Breinton and Bullingham. Within these Limits a District is ... This latter calculation
can only be taken as an approximation to the truth, but may be considered
sufficiently near to be adopted for practical purposes. --~~ Under the Lighting and
Paving ...

Workshop On Security Procedures For The Interchange Of Electronic Documents

Author: Roy Saltman
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
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It is in such proceedings that compliance reports play their most critical role:
either to serve directly as evidence of environmental wrongdoing, or else——
where there are issues of falsification-—to demonstrate fraud in conjunction with
other, independent evidence of environmental violations. Clearly, electronically
submitted versions of compliance reports must be admissible as evidence in
such cases with exactly the same force as their paper counterparts; for all
practical purposes, ...

Bureau Of Standards Journal Of Research

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Only the papers which contain asphalt as the water-resisting medium show any
unusual degree of water resistance. In the case of two of the papers, 5A and 8L,
no transudation of water could be detected by the method employed, which is the
most sensitive method known to the writers. However, there were papers in all ...
ordinarily encountered. The infiltration which was shown by a few of the samples
in these three groups was very small, probably negligible for all practical

The Parliamentary Debates

Author: Great Britain. Parliament
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... which for all practical, purposes was in the possession of the House, but upon
the sentiments and opinions with which the production of the paper had been
supported or denied? The division of this night was, in effect, a division for peace
or war. His (Mr. C's.) voice was for peace, and for the true means of preserving
peace. namely, neutrality [Hear, hear !]. What was the difference, in effect,
between a declaration in favour of war, and of an armed and menacing
negotiation ? Did the ...

Geological Survey Professional Paper

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The low-grade lateritic bauxite deposits in Hawaii were estimated (S.H. Patterson
, 1962, p. 2; 1971, table 12, p. 65 and 66) in short dry tons as follows: (1) Kauai—
100 million, (2) West Maui— 9 million, and (3) East Maui— 22 million. Since 1961
, the end of the field work leading to these estimates, considerable bauxite
acreages on Kauai have been withdrawn, for all practical purposes, from
possible mining by real estate development. In the Princeville Ranch area,
northern Kauai ...

Theoretical Computer Science

Author: Christian S. Calude
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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The goalof this paper is to define and characterise certain semantic equivalences
≡ and refinement preorders ⊑ on processes. The idea is that p ≡ q says,
essentially, that for practical purposes processes p and q are equally suitable, i.e.
one can be replaced for by the other without untoward side effects. Likewise, p ⊑
q says that for all practical purposes under consideration, q is at least as suitable
as p, i.e. it will never harm to replace p by q. Thus, one should have that p ≡ q iff
both ...

Mathematical And Physical Papers

Author: William Thomson, Baron
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108029027
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So that in one respect this portable marine voltmeter is a more constant
instrument for all time and for every place than any gravitational instrument can
be. At the present time gravity differs notably in different parts of the earth, being
one-half per cent. less atithe equator than at the poles. But for all practical
purposes you must feel that gravity is the most constant force we have to deal
with; although, looking at the elasticity of metals, and looking forward a sufficient
number of millions of ...

The Train To Crystal City

Author: Jan Jarboe Russell
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
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"The ... story of a secret FDR-approved prisoner exchange program run during World War II from Crystal City, Texas, an American internment camp where thousands of families were incarcerated"--Jacket flap.

Correlation Papers

Author: Henry Shaler Williams
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In the meantime such lists as Mr. Miller's "American Paleozoic Fossils" will suffice
for all practical purposes. At the outset it was thought that an exhaustive review of
all American literature on the Devonian and Carboniferous systems would be
profitable. As the research has progressed it has become evident that this
literature may be divided into three classes, viz: (1) Records of observations and
facts; (2) discussions of the relations and classifications of the facts; (3;
controversial ...