Fifty Things That Made The Modern Economy

Author: Tim Harford
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1408709139
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Based on the series produced for the BBC World Service A Financial Times and Bloomberg Business Week Book of the Year Who thought up paper money?

Publisher: Fidelity Publishing
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Author: Jared M. Diamond
ISBN: 9789747799149
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Author: ลีโอ ตอลสตอย (กราฟ)
ISBN: 9786165144629
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The Scottish Contribution To Modern Economic Thought

Author: Douglas Mair
Publisher: Aberdeen Univ Pr
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A pleasure to be enjoyed, or a pain to be endured, fifty or a hundred years hence,
would be considered deserving the same attention as if it were to befall us fifty or
a hundred minutes hence, and the sacrifice of a smaller present good, for a
greater future good, would be readily made, to whatever period that futurity might
extend. But life, and the power to enjoy it, are the most uncertain of all things, and
we are not guided altogether by reason. We know not the period when death may

Essays In Modern Economic Development

Author: Robert Leslie Smyth
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Robert Leslie Smyth, British Association for the Advancement of Science. Section
F (Economics). been for a generation. The prosperity of British agriculture in the
past few years has been not solely, or even predominantly, the result of subsidies
and other political favours; they have shared in the general recent prosperity of
all primary producers everywhere. For these reasons I believe that we are
progressively moving into a world in which the advantages of our nineteenth-
century ...

Technological Change In The Modern Economy

Author: Paul R. Beije
Publisher: Edward Elgar Pub
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of R&D into the categories 'public' and 'private' in OECD countries. Note that no
distinction is made between basic and applied research, and development. It is
known from various other studies that most basic research is performed by or
financed by government (see Chapter 6). It can be assumed that indeed most
development and a large part of applied research are undertaken by private
business. Where the output of basic research is in most cases technological
knowledge that is ...

The Modern Economy Telegraphic And Cable Cipher Code

Author: Edmund Peycke
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The Modern Economy Code is issued primarily to make use of the short five letter
Cipher Words, that have proven such a success in other Codes issued by us. ...
We now wire in 5 letter words what formerly required 9 or 10 letters, consequently
, the liability to errors is reduced 45-50%, and all who have used our Simple
Combination for Car Numbers in a former issue, know how few errors were made
in transmission, and the same system is now applied to all the Cipher Words in
this ...

Fifty Thinkers Who Shaped The Modern World

Author: Stephen Trombley
Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd
ISBN: 1782390383
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He also knew the English political economist David Ricardo (1772–1823), who
was a close friend of his father's, and he observed Ricardo's thinking as he
developed the first systematic economic theory, including the labour theory of
value (which states that the values of commodities are measured by the labour
cost of their production) – an idea that much influenced Karl Marx. Mill himself
made a distinguished contribution to political economy with his own book The
Principles of ...