Author: Hod Lipson
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Fabricated tells the story of 3D printers, humble manufacturing machines that are bursting out of the factory and into schools, kitchens, hospitals, even onto the fashion catwalk.

Fabricated Or Induced Illness In A Child By A Carer

Author: Christopher Bools
Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing
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Symptom coaching A question that may arise is that of 'collusion' by the child, i.e.
how much is the child involved in the creation of the fabricated illness. Sanders (
1995) addresses the phenomenon of symptom coaching in older children and
describes a continuum of collusion: naivety (usually due to the young age of the
child), passive acceptance, active participation, and active harm (when illness
induction is involved). Sanders defines coaching as 'the invitation the parent may
give ...

Certain Fabricated Structural Steel From Canada

Author: United States International Trade Commission
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Fabricated structural steel for buildings: U.S. consumption, by geographic regions
, 1984-86 and estimated U.S. consumption, 1987-88 - A-10 2. Fabricated
structural steel for buildings: U.S. capacity, production, and capacity utilization,
1984-86, Jan. -Sept. 1986, and Jan. -Sept. 1987 - - A- 13 3. Fabricated structural
steel for buildings: U.S. producers' company transfers, domestic shipments, U.S.
shipments, export shipments, and total shipments, 1984-86, Jan. -Sept. 1986,
and Jan.

Conditions Of Competition Between U S And Mexican Fabricated Automotive Glass In The U S Market

Author: United States International Trade Commission
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Plant capacity The fabricated automotive glass producing industry is also
characterized by high capital costs. The average capacity utilization in the
tempered and laminated glass industries ranged from 63 to 88%. High fixed
capital costs provide an incentive for automotive fabricated auto glass producers
to increase their capacity utilization in an effort to lower their per unit Gxed costs
in a very price sensitive market.20 This puts downward pressure on the bid prices
submitted by firms ...

Conditions Of Competition Between Certain Domestic And Imported Fabricated Structural Steel Products

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CONTENTS Fabricated structural steel: New capital expenditures of U.S.
producers and Western U.S. producers, 1979~83 Structures and parts of
structures: Korean exports to all countries and to the United States, by specified
products, 1979~83Fabricated structural steel: Canadian aggregate sales and net
income, 1979~82 Fabricated structural steel: Canadian production, 1979—
82MWWMWMMWMFabricated structural steel: Canadian export bookings, 1979~
83--~e Fabricated ...

A Fabricated Mexican

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The comments were superficial and basic. Her peroration took on a different tone
though. She concluded her analysis with a very disturbing: There is a problem
with educating La Raza. I can't help but think the things you've learned and the
things you've written do nothing more than produce a fabricated Mexican. I read
this little piece of social science with confusion. "What's a fabricated Mexican?" I
asked myself. "And what would an unfabricated Mexican be?" I thought about the

Profile Of The Fabricated Metal Products Industry

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INDUSTRIAL PROCESS DESCRIPTION This section describes the major
industrial processes within the Fabricated Metal Products industry, including the
materials and equipment used and the processes employed. The section is
designed for those interested in gaining a general understanding of the industry,
and for those interested in the inter-relationship between the industrial process
and the topics described in subsequent sections of this profile: pollutant outputs,
pollution ...

Galvanized Fabricated Structural Steel Units For The Erection Of Electrical Transmission Towers From Italy

Author: United States International Trade Commission
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Galvanized fabricated steel for transmission towers: U.S. imports for consumption
, by sources, 1978-80, January-June 1980, and January- June 1981 A- 13 5.
Galvanized fabricated steel for transmission towers: U.S. producers' domestic
and export shipments, 1978-80, January- June 1980, and January-June 1981 A-
15 6. Average number of employees in U.S. establishments in which galvanized
fabricated steel for transmission towers was produced, total and production and
related ...

Fabricated A Novel Experience

Author: Stephen Eiffler_
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Stephen Eiffler_. FABRICATED a Novel Oxpori onco by Stephen Eiffler
FABRICATED a NOVEL experience by Stephen Eiffler FABRICATED:A NOVEL
EXPERIENCE. Front Cover.

Novel Magnetoresistance Effects In Microstructured Metal Semiconductor Hybrid Structures Fabricated By Cleaved Edge Overgrowth

Author: Claas Henrik Möller
Publisher: Cuvillier Verlag
ISBN: 3898739570
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Such structures have been fabricated in a new configuration using the so-called
cleaved-edge overgrowth (CEO) method. For this a polycrystalline metal film was
deposited on the clean cleaved edge of a heterostructure by thermal evaporation.
Experimental challenges arose from our CEO technique since standard
preparation processes are designed for planar surfaces. We had to develop
advanced preparation techniques, e.g., to pattern a 2DES at the edge or to tailor
the metallic ...