Author: John Mervyn Cullwick Pugh
Publisher: Waterside Press
ISBN: 1904380166
Size: 74.90 MB
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Execution: One Man's Life and Death is an absorbing read for practitioners, researchers, students and public alike.


Author: Robert Badinter
Publisher: UPNE
ISBN: 9781555536923
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The English translation of a behind-the-scenes account of the abolition of the death penalty in France

Death Penalty On Trial

Author: Gary P. Gershman
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 185109606X
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capital punishment can society move forward. Without abolition there can never
be true peace. Chessman, Caryl. 1954. Cell 2455, Death Row. Englewood Cliffs,
NJ: Prentice Hall. This and the next two books were produced by the celebrated
prisoner during his twelve years on death row. They provide a rare insight into life
on death row. Chessman, in writing these books, provided anti–death penalty
advocates strong material for showing that capital prisoners were not all “worthy”
of ...

Killing Time

Author: David R. Dow
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1407071467
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This is the real story of Death Row; of corrupt lawyers, judges who are hostile to the very idea of justice and executioners who rely on inmates for moral support.Killing Time is a modern classic; both a searing and haunting memoir, and a ...

The Death Penalty In Africa

Author: Aimé Muyoboke Karimunda
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317036344
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Table 2.1 Ritual murders in Baganda Ritual sacrifice Period Number of people
killed Purpose New skin for Kaula (royal drum) Whenever One man Human
blood had to run into the drum when beaten. The victim's life refreshed the king's
life. Coronation ceremonies Whenever Eight men One man was shot by the king
and another seven were killed at Segaku (the sacrificial site). The victim's bowels
were hung around the neck of Kawonawo (another man chosen for the purpose).

Stalin S Meteorologist

Author: Olivier Rolin
Publisher: Counterpoint Press
ISBN: 1619027828
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Olivier Rolin masterfully weaves together Alexei's story and his eventual fate, drawing on an archive of letters and delicate drawings of the natural world that Wangenheim sent to his family from prison.

The Execution Of A Serial Killer

Author: Joseph D. Diaz
ISBN: 9781419683718
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A psychological crash, bordering on insanity, resulted as the author confronted his own feelings about life, death, and his religious faith.This book tells the true story of the events that led to these two lives converging that night in ...


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In our newest image of war, one man fires a bullet into the brains of another man
in a Saigon street. His face is square to the camera, squinched in its instant of
death, distorted by the bullet's impact like a pilot's in a power dive. Inches from his
ear the instrument of that death is gripped by the bare hand and arm of a taller
man with a turtle head. The killer is national police chief General Loan. The victim
is identified as an officer of the Vietcong. The execution appeared on hundreds of

Abortion Execution And The Consequences Of Taking Life

Author: James D. Slack
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351534270
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toward living, but a fear about death. You can see it in their faces. If men in
general population age rapidly, men on death row age exponentially faster. The
two-tooth forty-sixyear-old man in the wheelchair appears to be at least in his
eighties. Lawton looks so much older today than he did coming off Z-1 status
more than a decade ago. He has lost a few teeth, his hair has greyed, waxiness
has become a permanent skin feature, and his eyes have deadened. He no
longer talks about ...