Everyday Law In Russia

Author: Kathryn Hendley
ISBN: 9781501705243
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Everyday Law in Russia challenges the prevailing common wisdom that Russians cannot rely on their law and that Russian courts are hopelessly politicized and corrupt.

Russian Approaches To International Law

Author: Lauri Mälksoo
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 019103469X
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Because of the Soviet legacy, the debate on the possibility of selfexecuting norms
has specific cultural-historic dimensions in Russia where the statists see
themselves as defenders of the Russian state's greatness while the 'progressives'
... been undertaken until now extent276 neither the In other words, the
constitutional opening and emphasis of 1993 regarding international law has so
far remained primarily a declared aspiration rather than an everyday legal reality
on the ground.

Everyday Jewish Life In Imperial Russia

Author: ChaeRan Y. Freeze
Publisher: Brandeis University Press
ISBN: 1611684560
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Family Life The Jewish family differed from its Russian Orthodox counterpart not
only in customs and patterns but also in legal status. In the absence of civil
marriage in Russia, Jewish marriage and divorce was regulated by Jewish law (
halakhah) and the rabbinical authorities. In spite of its patriarchal character, the
Jewish family was the site of competing interests and negotiations over rights and
responsibilities between parents and children, and between husbands and wives
—as the ...

Arctic Politics The Law Of The Sea And Russian Identity

Author: G. Hønneland
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137414065
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On an edition of his The Daily Show not long after, Jon Stewart had a piece on
the meteorite where he poked fun at everyday absurdities in Russia.14 First, it
was amazing – even in an age of dashcams and smartphones – to see how
many people had videoed the meteor's final seconds. They couldn't know it was
coming. There is an explanation, however. Russians install video cameras in
their cars to record everything from corrupt traffic police and aggressive drivers to
attempts to ...

Everyday Law

Author: Alice K. Helm
Publisher: Made Ez Products
ISBN: 9781563825255
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The application of this law in the vast majority of instances is simple. It is not
always simple, however, in a world where wars and revolutions are a frequent
occurrence and every generation witnesses the mass migrations of thousands of
persons, desperately fleeing for their lives. An extraordinary situation, involving
insoluble doubts, arose some years ago in New York. In May, 1913, Emanuel
and Molly Hayden were married at Ekaterinoslav, in Russia. Two years later, at
the outbreak ...

Labour Law In Russia

Author: Vladimir Lebedev
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443870951
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different aspects of entrepreneurship are widely investigated research topics in
modern Russia, either from an economic or a legal point of view. This can be
explained to a ... 2 More specific terms—e.g. “director”, “general director”, and “
president”—are employed in everyday parlance. existence of a business in the
market economy mainly depend THE HEAD OF THE COMPANY AND HIS

Everyday Law For Women

Author: Helena Normanton
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Marriages duly celebrated according to the law of foreign countries in those
respective countries are also held valid here. Divorce is so frequently and easily
obtained in modern Russia that it is not quite accurate to say that a Russian
marriage law does strictly contemplate a union of one man and one woman for
life — nevertheless, marriages duly solemnised under U.S.S.R. law will be
recognised as valid in our Courts. A polygamous marriage may be valid enough
in India, e.g. ...

The Zemstvo In Russia

Author: Terence Emmons
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521234166
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In everyday practice physicians accepted the inevitability of this arrangement and
sought to ameliorate its effects by improving feldsher training and reducing the
size of the physician's bailiwick so that the feldsher would have a realistic
opportunity to ... the law in his everyday work. Such “illegal” practice was a well-
known phenomenon in rural life, and physicians tolerated it in the breach,
however vociferously they may have denounced it in principle. (Witness the
growth in independent ...

Russia And European Human Rights Law

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
ISBN: 9004203311
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This volume in the series Law in Eastern Europe, “Russia and European Human-
Rights Law: The Rise of the Civilizational Argument”, edited by Lauri Mälksoo,
goes far beyond this basic form of scientific dialogue. It mirrors an intense ... This
never-ending cultural debate culminates in the present-day controversy about the
role which human rights play and the role which they should play in Russia both
in the political sphere and in the everyday life of citizens. It may be said that the ...

The Russian General Staff And Asia 1860 1917

Author: Alex Marshall
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134253796
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Russia,. 1856–98. A social elite at any time in history is the product both of an
organized, widely respected and recognized set of legal divisions and of a more
indefinable but still vital web of social and personal contacts. Within Russia the ...
This contradiction within the heart of Russian society was summed up by a word
used by ordinary Russians in both Tsarist and Soviet times to resignedly address
the inconveniences of everyday life – 'proizvol', a word roughly translated as ...