Feasting On The Gospels Matthew Volume 2

Author: Cynthia A. Jarvis
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN: 0664233945
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The story does not quite end here, even though this is the point at which the
commentary divides the readings. ... The parable of the Two Sons (21:28– 32)
and the parable of the Tenants and the Vineyard (21:33–43) follow this
contentious dialogue with the chief priests and elders. Looking at those texts ...
Nowhere is that more evident than in the mounting tensions of the controversy
stories in this interlude between Jesus' entry into Jerusalem and the beginning of
the passion narrative.

The School Newspaper Vol 2 Issues Of Vols 31 And 32

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BOYS sometimes like ghost stories, so here is a true one for them. When I was a
scholar in the first ... Then I could see it dimly and indistinctly — a tall, white figure
, sitting on the seat at the other end, leaning against the wall, and without a head !
That was all I could see. ... But wherever there are any highway roads, the
favourite means of conveyance are the djurikiskas, a recent invention consisting
of a small spring cart, very lightly built, and mounted on two wheels. These carts
are not ...

New And Improved Edition Chambers S Information For The People Volume Ii

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Nowhere, therefore, is there a better idea to be obtained of the Highland country
than on its summit. The mountain ... About 4£ miles to the north of Inveruglas, the
Dumbarton and Inverary road reaches the lonely but comfortable inn of Tarbet,
where there is also a ferry by which Ben Lomond may be approached. At this inn
the road ... The Argyleshire shores are here decorated with a long succession of
villas, the favourite summer residences of the more affluent citizens of Glasgow.

London Town Past And Present Vol Ii

Author: W.W. Hutchings
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_The treasures of this fine ma'nsion cannot be enumerated here, but it is pleasant
to record that since Macaulay wrote GAP-Watts of them they have been augnnd
Holland . . noun mented by portraits and frescoes from the brush of George
Frederick \Vatts, whose genius Holland House was quick to recognise and
encourage. A seated statue of the third Lord Holland, the work of this great artist,
is to be seen on the south side of the grounds, facing the Kensington Road,
within elegant ...

Biblical Researches In Palestine Mount Sinai And Arabia Petraea

Author: Eli Smith
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At 8.50 we were at the end of the perpendicular cliffs ; which here are twice as far
apart as at the upper end of the chasm. At 9.10 Wady el-Hamam opened out wide
into the plain. Here were ... Here we struck again our path of 1838 ; and came at
9.30 to 'Ain el-Mudauwarah, " the Bound Fountain," described in a former volume.
1 Besides the many oleanders in full bloom, there was now an abundance of
purple morning glories. Passing on along our former path, we came at 9.45 to
Wady ...

Reader S Digest Condensed Books Volume 2 1991

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"Are you sure you want to wait here?" The place seemed more than deserted;
there was even an air of menace in its ... Bronco Buster, the Maggot's long-
decked fishing boat, was berthed at the end of a short concrete wall that carried a
sewage overflow pipe to its outfall into the creek. I unlocked the kitchen door,
then helped myself to a beer from the ... came from the cockpit of a Boeing B-52
and was wondrously comfortable. A truck whined and rattled on the road, which
was hidden ...

Narrative Of Travels In Europe Asia And Africa In The Seventeenth Century

Author: Evliya Çelebi
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... but those of this convent are indeed meek like sheep, devout, pious, praying
people, and in all my travels in Rum, Arabia, and Persia, I met nowhere a more
worthy convent. Pilgrimage to the Tomb of Burhdndedeh. A great Saint renowned
for many miracles. The bridge, a work of Bayazid II, is a marvellous pile of
building of nineteen arches, each arch gives an idea of the rainbow, of the galaxy
, of the girdle of Divine Power, or of the Tdk Kosra. Its length, from one end to the
other, ...

Our Country S National Parks Volume Two

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"Where is the other half of Half Dome?" visitors ask sometimes, trying to be funny.
But perhaps they are only trying to hide a deeper feeling. Nowhere else in the
world has so much grand scenery been crowded into one small area. The
National Park Service has built roads and trails so that the canyon can be seen
from above as well as from below. Glacier Point, 30 miles by road but only 3,254
feet straight up from the valley, is noted for its wonderful view. Here visitors can
look down ...

Dictionary Of Greek And Roman Geography Abacaenum Hytanis 1854 V 2 Iabadius Zymethus 1857

Author: William Smith
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(\Valckenaer, Géog., &c., vol. ii. p. 247.) [G. L.] DATUM. [Nsarous] DAULIS (AavMr
: at a later time AuuAln, Strab. ix. p. 423, and AmJMor, Polyb. iv. 25: Elk. AaliAror,
Herod. viii. 35 ; Aaulueiir, Aesch. Choéph. 674: Dhavlia), a very ancient town of
Phocis, near the frontiers of Boeotia, and on the road from Orchomenus and
Chaeroneia to Delphi. It is said to have derived its name from the woody
character of the district, since Bari/\ur was used by the inhabitants instead of Moor
, while others ...

The Practical Mechanic S Journal Vol Ii Second Series April 1857 March 1858

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These tumblers, q, are so arranged that they work in opposite directions to each
other, and their function is to depress the supporting bar, j, and so release the
barrier from its holding groove or catch, at the moment when the cutting wires
have passed in either direction through the stream of clay; such wires being
made to cut in both directions across the clay, and not requiring to be brought
back again to their original position after each cut. The pressure of the end of the
stream of clay ...